Human Biology, Model of Harmony

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Here is the fractal repetition of the biological cycle, to see how it is possible to use the perfect functioning of the human body as a model for the advent of a Fraternal World.

Five biological cycles -one cycle for each organizational level,
of five articles -each corresponding to an organizational level.

1st biological cycle
Backbone cycle: The backbone constitutes Coordination.

These are not articles but the backbone of the Website of the Fraternal Humanity Movement.

  • Backbone cycle (the site) : Living Life in Peace
    « For the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief, and freedom from fear and want » The highest aspiration of the common people noted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Delimitation cycle (menu – About us) : A long walk to freedom
    The overview of an organization proposed for a collective conscience oriented towards common happiness.
  • Exchanges cycle (menu – News) : News of the Fraternal World
    The blog of the news of the Fraternal World.
  • Synchronization cycle (menu – Contact) :
    What will the World be if we Globalize the Fraternity!
  • Whole cycle (menu – Actions) : Make it possible
    Let’s find a new balance between the natural terrestrial ecosystem and human activity.

2nd biological cycle
Delimitation cycle: The delimitation determines the Interactions.

« Letter to an hostage »

It seems to us, on the contrary, that our ascension is not achieved, that the truth of tomorrow feeds on yesterday’s mistake, and that the contradictions to be overcome, form the very compost of our growth. Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY

3rd biological cycle
Exchanges cycle: Exchanges define the Communication structure.

4th biological cycle
Synchronization cycle: Synchronization generates Transmission.

5th biological cycle
Whole cycle: Whole produces Harmonization.

Articles related to balancing

Part of the perfection of the human body comes from its ability to know when the environment changes, and in this case to find a new balance.

Here are the three articles that relate to the adaptability of the human body.

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