The awakening of the heart of Humanity

Backbone cycle

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Whithin the limits of our current knowledge, we can say that Life appeared at a unique moment which Science calls « The Big Bang ». It means, that all human beings come from this common place, that this « Same Source » flows in Each of US, that it allows Life to exist. Changing scales offers a new perspective for thoughts.

As in the movie « Equilibrium » by Kurt WIMMER:
I have a question for you.
Why are you alive?

A human being is multidimensional, emotional and relational:

Duality is the nature of human being

Pereira and Reddy have written an article recounting Near-Death Cases (NDE) [1]. One experiment has attired my attention:

“The experiment of a woman who has been blind from birth and after an accident her heart stopped rendering her clinically dead approximately 4 minutes. At that very moment she felt her back against the ceiling and she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table. She could see for the first time in her life. She can see her finger, ring, her body lay on the operation table but she could not differentiate the colors, she considered them like different intensities of light. She survived and returned to her world of darkness.”

Experience shows our multidimensionality.

  • One “matter dimension » follows law of gravity: Her body is on the table. This dimension is visible. It becomes inanimate during the NDE;
  • One “energy dimension” doesn’t follow law of gravity: She felt her back against the ceiling, but follows “the complementary of the law of gravity” as the body is attracted to the top and stops when he meets the ceiling. Tis dimension is invisible. It continues to be animated during the NDE;
  • When we are alive, the two dimensions “matter” and “energy” are entangled in a “dimension-dual”: We are an animated body;
  • During the EMI, we are clinically dead, the dimensions “matter” and “energy” are dissociated, autonomous: We are two complementary bodies.

This means that at least three dimensions animate a human being.

  • A matter dimension: the physical body that serves as a “vehicle” for doing actions. It is visible, will speak, see… and learn;
  • An energy dimension: the energetic body that feels the acts. It is invisible, memorizes, analyzes, observes… and animates the physical body;
  • A sensible dimension: non-palpable, sacred like heartbeat as the stop of the heartbeat separates the two dimensions “energy and matter” and makes the body inanimate. This dimension makes us alive, standing, conscious of “Life”… and balances it.

Definition of duality (Larousse): Character of what is double in itself or composed of two elements of a different nature.

The human being is emotional

To understand the nature of the sensible dimension, I studied the denial of pregnancy.

Women in denial of pregnancy “block physical visibility” of the baby, but his body is growing and his heart is beating like scan shows.

«I met two women who experienced denial of pregnancy. They both had children already, and did not want to have more at the time. Both returned home after the scan with a flat stomach. They were about 6 months pregnant. For one of them, the belly is instantly rounded when she realized that she had only 3 months left to prepare for the arrival of the child; for the second it took a week. In the press, I read that the belly of some women is rounded when seeing the scan, others do not take conscience until childbirth, and some will never become aware. »

In the denial of pregnancy, the woman must “see” the physical presence of the baby, accept it and change her emotional thought, so that she becomes a mother, so that the baby’s body takes its place and becomes visible.

Without emotional and voluntary acceptance of the mother, the baby’s body grows invisible, until delivery which will occur in the term whether awareness has taken place or not. The woman’s body is independent of the function of being a mother.

Analysis of near death experience and denial of pregnancy: The woman’s body is linked to the matter dimension; the function -being mother- with the energy dimension; the maternal thought from mother to child with the sensible dimension: the emotional.

Emotions are relational

Dr Masatu EMOTO [2] developed a theory that thoughts and emotions have an effect on water.

He imagined an experiment to show it, without proving it scientifically. This experiment has been tested at MGIS, in India, by kindergarten students aged 5-6 years [3].

« They took three jars filled with the same type and quantity of rice and water. All jars were placed under the same environmental conditions, but each jar was labelled with a different emotion: on the first was marked “Love and Gratitude”, on the second “I hate you” and on the third “Ignored”.

After one month, the results were as follows:

  • The first jar contained worms alive;
  • The water of the second jar was brown, without life;
  • In the third jar, worms had appeared but they had not survived. »

Experience shows that the nature of our thoughts influence the becoming of the elements present in an aqueous medium.

Our body contains about 60% water and that of a child 80%: This could explain the action of the mother’s maternal thought, sensitive and emotional, on the baby’s body, during the denial of pregnancy.

Let’s use the relational nature of the human emotional and its natural duality, to revolutionize collective consciousness:

If the thoughts of 5-year-old children
can influence the development of life;

The joint actions of adults can bring about a Fraternal World;

Let’s us orient our thoughts and our actions towards Common Happiness,
we will create a Fraternal World.

Bibliographic references:
[1] Pereira, C., & Reddy, J.S.K. (2017) Near-Death Cases Desegregating Non-Locality/Disembodiment via Quantum Mediated Consciousness: An Extended Version of the Cell-Soul Pathway. Scientific GOD Journal, 8 (1), 68-84.
[2] Dr Masuto EMOTO [1943- 2014], Japanese author and creator of a crystallization method to observe ice crystals.
[3] MGIS: Mahatma Gandhi International School at Ahmedabad in India, Video visible on YouTube:

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