Ki-Regeneration, that is it!

I passed the 10 last years to answer to these questions:

« Who are we ? Where do we come from ? Where are we going »

I discovered that we have a free will -the freedom of doing that we want. I also learned that we belong to a larger Works more greater than us which is called Life and Life has his own rules -Universal and Natural ; « drive away the Natural, it comes back in gallop ».

Each time of our life we make choice. These choices will have consequences with advantages, disadvantages, joy, sadness, suffering,… because they respect the laws of life. We make these choices on board of a body which is physical and energetic, in a swirl of feelings and emotions, offering a palette of sensibility of great beauty but difficult to master and harmonize, it must be recognized.

I decide to follow the Universal Declaration of Life Rights, to understand the physical reality which animates us, to put the space, the time, feelings, emotions back in their place. I chosen to live Humanly. I learn to master my entanglement to the Universe. It is magic but not easy. If I good understand my lesson, I have the capacity on me, to regenerate Life like Duality Energy/Matter Conscious –Ki-Regeneration®,

Find again the inner peace: The Source,
the health, the harmony with the world.

For success, I need to describe the physical reality of the world in which we live. One part is about Science, the relativity -which is relative: develop the notion of Time, Space, Fractal and Sensible Hologram, understand the Duality Energy/Matter, the Conscious, the Memories. But also define the place of emotions, feelings, beliefs in order to fully know the human being a multidimensional and emotional being.

Each human being has his own history link with memories, emotions that is complex to sort out to make a modelization. To elucidate the feelings, emotions, beliefs, I turn towards research on Humanity. At this scale, studies can be done using Art which has gone through history without alteration, links space and time, awakes one’s sense and the Culture which is a regard posted on Life by a whole of person.

In parallel, I want to set up practical applications for a revolution towards a world in harmony with nature and life:

  • Write to explain the creativity offered by life.
  • Regenerate the amputated limbs.
  • Make again raining in Africa.
  • Rebuild the houses destroyed by bombing or natural disasters.
  • Develop individual Ki-Regeneration®, with the wish to open a center of Ki-Regeneration® in Corsica. “L’île de Beauté” has a great energetic regenerative power. And perhaps open a center in the Loir et Cher. Who knows …

Like all people who passed the step for « carry out a project which is near and dear of our heart », I come up against the reality of life and the implementation of Ki-Regeneration is not going as I had planned. That’s why I added:

The menu Les étapes, it contains:

  • The articles relating the progress of the project,
  • The 5 topics which make up the project.

And here is the link to the project of research for which I am seeking for funding in the form of thesis, or a job to apply my healing gifts or my knowledge about our cosmic nature.


For all projects, there are steps to overcome.

The story begins with the Art Uni-Vers which validates our entanglement to the Universe
and proves that Ki-Regeneration® is possible.

The immersion in a creation throws we in a meditative state, by adding the request « Please, Regenerate me » we are no more an eye which looks at a picture with a brain that analyses what he sees. These effect « trompe-l’œil » allows to our energetic body to bring the energy of « The Source » of Life -Space without word- from where comes the creation, to our physical body, thanks to the flow of energy -the Ki/Chi, emanating from this same Source, and flowing through our body via meridians –the Art Uni-Vers is a meditative art that heals by « Assisted Self-Regeneration ».



Like the version of my website not allows me to manage a multilingual version, each page has a link towards the english translation on the top.

These is the translation of the menu.

« Les étapes » means Step by Step:

« Heal thanks to the conscious properties of matter ».

« Qui je suis ! » means Who I am:

« I am one part of Fraternal Humanity in becoming ».

« » for The awakening of the Heart of Humanity:

« Living Life in Peace ».

Une réflexion sur “Ki-Regeneration, that is it!

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