« This flowing blood, it is yours »

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The republic, it is the union, the unity, the harmony, the light, work creating the well-being, suppression of the conflict man to man and nation to nation, the end of inhumane farms, the abolition of the law of death, and the establishment of the law of life.

After the harsh trials we are undergoing, what we need is not only the emancipation of this or that class that has suffered too long, the abolition of such and such a privilege, the consecration of such and such a law ; that we will have; but that is not enough for us; what we need, what we will obtain, do not doubt it, what for my part, from the depths of this dark night of exile, I contemplate in advance with the dazzling of joy, citizens, it is the deliverance of all peoples, it is the liberation of all men!

Victor HUGO
Extract from the speech of April 20, 1853, over the grave of Jean Bousquet
Translated by myself as the English book is not accessible

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