Cell adhesion, the force of the coherence

Exchanges cycle

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We can continue to divide ourselves with « I am right / you are wrong », thinking that there are many truths, or realize that the truth is unique, but we do not know it. Each of us has parts of it. To find the truth, let’s unite our views, let’s talk to learn what we don’t know but what the other has discovered.

The important thing is not to convince but to give to think about it.
Bernard WERBER

Cell adhesion, means making communicate specifically, different environments, as needed:

Perform a specific function

The heart,
it is not the liver.

  • The cell is the basic unit, structurally and functionally of all the tissues of the human body;
  • There are four basic tissues that are found throughout the human body:
  • The epithelial tissue: it covers the surface of the body, it delimits the cavities, it is the secretory contingent of the serous glands. It plays a barrier role, participates in exchanges, absorption and/or secretion, has the capacity to stretch and spread over expanding surfaces;
  • Connective tissue: it has a role of support, transport, storage, immune defense and thermoregulation;
  • Muscle tissue: it intervenes in the musculoskeletal system, causing movement, maintaining posture, changes in shape, and contributing to the movement of fluids in tissues and hollow organs. It forms the skeletal muscles, the heart muscle and the smooth muscles that line various organs and the walls of blood vessels;
  • The nervous tissue: it is at the origin of the central and peripheral nervous system.

The complexity of the structures makes possible, starting from basic element, to obtain a variability of functions.

An outside environment necessary for the inside environment

Just like water,
the membrane is necessary for life.

  • A cell can specialize for a particular function, thanks to its membrane which makes possible to obtain different environmental conditions inside and outside;
  • The extracellular medium will allow the supply of nutrients, chemical signals, and the removal of waste;
  • The intracellular environment will allow the realization of chemical reactions which will be at the origin of the reactivity of the body.

It is compartmentalization which provides the body, predisposed spaces to fulfill different functions.

The association is selective

Cell junctions show that the structure of associations
results in communication differences.

  • Tight junctions: There is a close rapprochement between two cells which does not allow any exchange between them; it is a barrier;
  • Open, communicating junctions: There is creation of a channel between two cells which allows the passage of small molecules; it is a sharing of resources;
  • The anchoring junctions between cells: There is creation of a plate between two cells which makes possible to give mechanical force to the tissues; it is a cohesion, a seal;
  • The anchoring junctions between cells and extracellular matrix: There is creation of a plate between a cell and the extracellular matrix, which makes it possible to feed the cell or to make it migrate for tissue repair; it’s support.

It is thanks to exchanges with the external environment, that the cell obtains the optimal conditions for living.

Let’s use the communicating nature of sharing to become aware of the Common Happiness:

If we consider that ideas are inside cells, and the world is the outside environment;

Junctions between our ideas can create a network of solutions;

Let’s decide to communicate together,
we will live Life in Peace.

Bibliographic reference:
– The information on the cell adhesion is taken from the book « The Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book », John T. HANSE, Elsevier Masson SAS, 2017 (the french version).

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