Vision of a Fraternal Earth

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As I studied human anatomy to develop Ki-Regeneration®, I realized that the body’s biological harmony relies on a simple functional architecture.

All the functions of the human body aim to maintain the body in good health, protecting it from external aggressions and maintaining a balance between all the elements that constitute it.

This requires specific biological functionalities, and for each of them there are:

1. The objective to be achieved, it will be the same for all the elements involved in functionality, for example mobility, respiration, immune response.

2. Five levels of organization to orchestrate this particular functioning at the body level. The five levels are:

  • A Backbone: the universal support, as generic as possible, such as the skeleton, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, that will allow the variability necessary to achieve the desired goal;
  • A Delimitation: within the framework, there are « closed spaces » which will have different environmental conditions in order to be able to carry out particular actions, which could be cells, organs, bones, blood vessels, neurons;
  • Exchanges: there are signals, in the form of molecules, compounds, information, to make the various « closed spaces » dialogue with each other and ensure the maintenance of the balance of the body as a whole;
  • Synchronization: there are retroactive loops of activation, inhibition and apoptosis, so that the “transmitting closed space” of the signal can modify its response according to the response emitted by the other “closed spaces” belonging to this framework;
  • A whole: the framework has been defined to respond to a specific functionality, necessary for the well-being of the whole body. If we consider the whole of functionality, namely -its universal support, « its closed spaces », its signals and its retroactive loops- this whole is a « closed space » for the other functions of the body. His response will be received by these other interdependent functions of the body, which in turn will respond to him.

The fractal chaining of specific biological functionalities ensures harmony in the body, and thus, naturally provides good health.

To understand this fractal sequence and see how to use the perfection of the functioning of the human body, as a model for the advent of a Fraternal World, I performed a fractal repeat:

  • of five biological cycles -one cycle for each organizational level,
  • of five articles -each corresponding to an organizational level.

You will find the five cycles on the page Human Biology, Harmony Model.

The body protects itself from external aggressions through signals, which tell cells that the cellular or tissue environment is altered.

As soon as a change occurs, it is taken care of, treated, then the impacted space is cleaned, before being readjusted to regain integral balance of the body.

You will also find the three articles specific to the balancing programs used in Human Biology to find a new balance after a modification of the cellular or tissue environment following physiological or pathological modifications.

I used the knowledge acquired in human biology, in order to propose a plan to evolutionize our collective consciousness towards Fraternal Humanity.

The « Biological Coaching Life on Earth »
« The Harmony of Common Happiness at the service of the Collective »

Here is my Vision of a Fraternal Earth:

  • A goal to reach: Naturally Harmonize Life of Earth.
  • The Backbone – the universal supportThe Universal Master Plan: immutable laws, the inalienable right that everyone has to live, the natural, the universal;
  • The Delimitation – « closed spaces »Humans, animals, plants, micro-organisms, the Earth: in the Universal Master Plan, each “closed space » is a « living system”, among the five existing, each has its own nature, its own needs, its own instincts, its own bio-diversity, and together they form the natural terrestrial ecosystem;
  • Exchanges – signalsBalance indicators: in the Universal Master Plan, natural laws entangle what lives and keep everything in balance.
    Harmony means that the relationships between the « living systems » of the natural terrestrial ecosystem are in balance,
    Problems arise when the balance is upset;
  • Synchronization – retroactive loopsMaintain, decrease, increase, stop: in the Universal Master Plan, the importance is given to the experimentation of life by « living systems » of the natural terrestrial ecosystem within the limits foreseen by life on Earth, error is allowed since readjustment exists.
    If the experience of life is correct, the natural self-regenetation progam is operational and the errors are temporary: the experiment of life can continue;
    If vital limits are reached, the natural self-regeneration program is exceeded, errors become long lasting and increasingly difficult to repair: the experience of life asks for a revision.
  • A whole – interdependenceChange, modification, adaptation, transformation: in the Universal Master Plan, we -humans- are the only ones with the power to create artificial ecosystems in order to meet our needs, the other « livings systems » only have the power to use existing local natural resources.
  • We are Creator of the WorldCommon Happiness: in the Universal Master Plan, everything that lives has a purpose, and offers it a place on Earth, without having to take that of another.

We have the power to change the balance of life at planetary level, so

Let’s Harmonize Naturally Life on Earth

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