Once upon a time, the Life on Earth

Biological coaching, Delimitation cycle

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To apply « Biological Coaching », you need to know the functional architecture of the system that we want to harmonize.

To evolutionize our obsolete political system towards a Fraternal Humanity, the system to be harmonized is: Life on Earth.

Determining the functional architecture to be harmonized amounts to defining the elements necessary for Life on Earth:

  • It is not the chronological history that is important.
  • We don’t need to know who appeared first.
  • There is no point in going into details.
  • It is the most global vision of the interactions responsible for terrestrial life that matters.

The physical reality of Terrestrial Life:
The goal to reach, the universal support, the master plans,
the actors

If we don’t know where we want to go, no matter where we are, we won’t get to our destination.

  • This is why it is important to start by defining the goal to reach. The goal to reach is the harmony of terrestrial life.
  • Without Earth, no terrestrial life. Earth is the universal support for terrestrial life.
  • Terrestrial life began when life took place on Earth.
    – Earth already existed.
    – If life disappeared from the surface of the Earth, the Earth would not disappear either.
    – The Earth navigates in the solar system independently of terrestrial life.
    There is a « Universal Master Plan » from which originate universal laws relating to Earth and Life.
  • When something happens in one part of the globe, it can have repercussions in another part of the globe.
    – If Earth were to disappear, life on Earth would also disappear.
    – Not all planets in the solar system have the same life form as on Earth.
    There is a « Terrestrial Master Plan » from which originate the universal laws specific to terrestrial life.

It is necessary to recognize the “principal” actors of the present history and to determine their connection with the master plans.

  • Natural and diverse ecosystems populate the Earth.
    They are made up of plants, animals and a particular climate.
    Its ecosystems come from the Universal Master Plan.
  • Ecosystems can be changed by human activity.
    This means that humans can shape ecosystems not present in the Universal Master Plan.
    They will be registered only in the Terrestrial Master Plan.

Life comes alive thanks to « closed spaces »

« Closed spaces » are the primary blocks that interact together, consciously or unconsciously, to create the physical reality of terrestrial life.

On a global level:

  • All the elements of an « closed space » are of the same nature;
  • They have identical universal properties;
  • The harmony of all the terrestrial life lies in the synchronization of the different « closed spaces ».
  • The information is included in the Universal Master Plan. They are immutable.

At the individual level:

  • Each element of an « closed space » presents a specific and unique diversity in its physical apparance and its emotional.
  • The means of communication (exchanges) between the elements of the same « closed space » are different from the means of communication from one « closed space » to another.
  • The information is entered in the Terrestrial Master Plan. They evolve with the history of humanity and the universal knowledge we acquire.

The “closed spaces” of the Terrestrial Master Plan

Natural ecosystems give the Earth its particularity compared to other planets.

Three distinct elements come into play in the specificity of a natural ecosystem: animals, plants, climate.

  • The climate is not a « closed space » as it is also dependent on its position on Earth -for example the heat of the sun will depend on latitude and longitude and will influence vegetation- and human activity.
  • Animals and plants are two distinct « closed spaces » because they have an existence of their own, they are of a different nature, with a big difference in mobility since animals can move freely, while plants are immobile or carried by currents (wind or sea) or living beings.
  • Animals and plants closed spaces cannot change the ecosystem in which they are found through their activity. They follow what is written in the Universal Master Plan.

The human being is an Ecosystem Creator.

  • This is the third « closed space ».
  • It is distinct from « plant closed space » because it is of a different nature.
  • Although part of the same living kingdom as animals, he is distinct from « animal closed space » because he can change the ecosystem where he is in through his activity, which animals cannot.

What is immutable and What is terrestrial

The environment is the duality between
– The Universal Master Plan which contains the immutable laws of Life,
– The Terrestrial Master Plan which contains terrestrial laws.

  • The Earth is the support of terrestrial life. It is animated by the Universal Master Plan.
  • Animals and plants are in direct link to the Universal Master Plan. They are animated by instinct.
  • Human beings are in direct link to the Universal Master Plan in which they cannot change anything, and in relation with the Terrestrial Master Plan in which they can add « their composition ». They are animated by Creativity.
  • The Universal Master Plan is the conductor. It is animated by Harmony.

The consequence of this duality is that at each human action, the Universal Master Plan automatically acts on the Terrestrial Master Plan to maintain harmony, and this retro-action we cannot do anything about that. It is independent of our will and our initial purpose. It is natural. It follows cosmic laws.

While it is true that we are creator of ecosystems, we are not creator of « natural ecosystems », we sow there the needs and/or the desires which gave them life.

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