The biology conscious, the balance of peace

Backbone cycle

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when we have a dialogue with someone and we disagree, if everyone has a different outlook on life without being aware of this difference in perspective, it will create a feeling of danger. We are no longer in a share of opinions, there is an unconscious amalgamation between our person and our thoughts, and it is as if the person is questioning our own identity. In music, silences create melody, in dialogue, listening gives meaning to exchanges; The waltz of opposites offers the opportunity for life to exist.

Take care of your body so that your soul wants to stay there.
Indian proverb

Analysis of articles on the functioning of the human body, of the biological cycle « synchronization »:

Structured and flexible

With consciousness, life was able to observe itself,
reflect and create its own future.
« Spontaneous evolution » by Bruce LIPTON and Steve BHAERMAN

Whatever field or function we are studying in biological synchronization, we can classify the elements involved in it, in three different categories:

  • A self-reactive backbone, which has within it the functions necessary to preserve its own survival;
  • The duality, which guarantees the backbone to find a new internal balance when the environment changes, since it allows the realization of contrary actions;
  • A collective environment, which offers the backbones a multitude of possibilities to recharge their batteries or to let go of their excess.

Functions to answer the unknown

It’s not about preparing for a better future,
but to live the present differently.
François PARTANT

The synchronization structure, « self-reactive backbone – duality – collective environment », offers an optimal organization to the human body to balance. It carries out dynamic or specific adjustments in response to the needs of the moment.

  • Daily regulation: during the day, depending on our activity, the body’s needs vary, the kidneys are able to reabsorb important electrolytes, organic molecules, vitamins, water and excrete metabolite waste, chemical molecules, drugs, to maintain the homeostasis of the body -hold / let go;
  • Cyclical events, with a predefined ‘yes / no’ response: every month, with each ovulation, the ovum may or may not be fertilized, depending on the positive or negative response, the ovaries will not synthesize the same hormones and the rest of the body will see its functioning evolved according to the response – wait / act;
  • Planned, involuntary events: without intervention of our will, puberty, menopause, andropause, punctuate our lives by modifying the biological cycles of the human body, thanks to the well-regulated activity of hormones -communicate / integrate / regulate.

Free will as a choice

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism
or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
Martin Luther KING

Duality is at the heart of the body’s synchronization, and despite conflicting solutions, it manages to maintain a balance that keeps it healthy. As if there was a universal master plan that contained the path to follow so as not to get lost.

We operate in a diverse and varied collective environment, and duality means that for the same stimuli, contrary actions can be used.

If we followed the universal master plan that allows the body not to get lost in the twists and turns of biological functions, we could find solutions to correct the inconsistencies in our world. The one presented by Victor HUGO in « This flowing blood, it is yours », seems to meet these specifications:

  • The republic, it is the union, the unity, the harmony, the light,
  • work creating the well-being,
  • suppression of the conflict man to man and nation to nation,
  • the end of inhumane farms,
  • the abolition of the law of death,
  • and the establishment of the law of life.

Let’s use the innate balance present in the search of the biological model to elevate our collective consciousness:

Utopia is the truth of tomorrow.
Victor HUGO

The self-reactive backbone: it is our actions, our work, our hobbies, our choices, which will define who we are -the human being;
Duality: these are the relationship between family / profession, between what we consume / produce, between leisure / work -life in society;
The collective environment: it is the balance between our needs / what the Earth can produce -the world.
Consciousness of free will: proposed by Victor HUGO in « This blood that flows, it’s yours » for a bright future:

« The establishment of the law of life »

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