Molecular signaling, the might of the cohesion

Synchronization cycle

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Life is Magic, it does not judge, it is Just. If we are wrong, she lets us do it, she accepts our choices. She just sends us messages in response to her choices -illnesses, disasters,… a friend, a job,… a cloud that comes to life, a break through the clouds,… Choosing a harmonious source of aspiration, brings the health, the joy, the prosperity.

You know the theory of rational choice Dom.
There are a lot of actions but two that you have interest to take into account:
. The only human behavior that you can control is yours,
. The only thing we can give someone is information.
« Fast and Furious 8 »
by F. Gary Gray

Molecular signaling means giving the right information in the right place for the best result:

Dependence at the heart of life

Any biological action within the human body requires the intervention of chemical compounds.

  • Calcium is compulsory for muscle contraction;
  • Growth factors are necessary for each cell division;
  • The immune response cannot take place without the recognition of the surface proteins of the major histocompatibility complex;
  • The nerve impulse is transmitted along the axon thanks to a local modification of the difference in ionic concentration.

The human body is a perpetual waltz of chemical reactions between diverse and varied molecules, dependent on each other.

Affinity is his motivation

These chemical compounds are found in solution or bound to a membrane or a complex structure such as the cytoskeleton, actin / myosin filaments…

When they are bound to the membrane:

  • They will act as receptors to detect extracellular chemical signals;
  • They will act as membrane transporters of ions or nutrients;
  • They will participate in the movement and the moving of the cell in response to stimuli.

When they are bound to the cytoskeleton or other complex structures, they will influence the shape of the cell and its expression.

When they are in solution, molecules will not have the same treatment depending on their size, their electrical charge and their chemical nature.

  • Hydrophobic molecules, oxygen, carbon dioxide, gases in general, steroid hormones, will diffuse freely in the cell;
  • Uncharged polar molecules, water, ethanol, urea, glycerol, amino acids, glucose can diffuse, but their diffusion will be slower and more difficult as their size increases;
  • The ions, and all the charged molecules will not be able to diffuse through the membrane, the membrane transporters will be compulsory.

Each stimulus, each encounter between compounds, a different expression occurs.

Affinity offers choice

The interaction of the compounds does not allow only punctual facts, but also allows malleability.

Take the example of axon growth:
The axon of neurons growths in the search for a target organ thanks to a growth cone.

  • The growth cone is a dynamic structure for exploring the environment;
  • It is very sensitive to the extracellular environment;
  • Thanks to its sensitivity to attractive or repulsive factors, it guides the axon towards the adequate target;
  • The relationship between membrane receptors, adhesion and the cytoskeleton is very important in this region;
  • When the axon reaches the target organ, there is accumulation of vesicles in the presynaptic region, and start of release of neurotransmitters;
  • The synapse is functional.

There are several hundred or even several thousand synapses per neuron, they are formed by learning and offer plasticity to the nervous system.

Let’s use the variability and the learning capacity of information to give meaning to our exchanges:

If we consider Humanity as a human body,
where each of Us is a chemical compound;

We can share our actions to bring good to Humanity as a whole;

Let’s humanize the World,
we will get the perfection of a healthy body.

Bibliographic references:
– The picture of axon growth is taken from the first year medical course.
– The information on molecular signaling is taken from the book « The Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book », John T. HANSE, Elsevier Masson SAS, 2017 (the french version).

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