Political biology, the power of information

Backbone cycle

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Since the depths of time, we have been putting in place political systems, with rules, laws, duties, rights. We try to separate good from evil, to define what everyone must do and be to live together on Earth. So far, these attempts always end up bringing out imbalances, inequalities, injustices. Realizing that the only important duty to accomplish on Earth is to live, could allow us to evolve from a policy of external control towards a policy of common internal happiness.

Every human being is a musician playing the score
« Living Humanly and Fraternally on Earth »;
Politics is the conductor.

Analysis of articles on the functioning of the human body, of the previous biological cycle « delimitation »:

An elementary fractal structure

Randomly, it is God who is walking incognito.
God does not play dice.
« Einstein, stop telling God what to do. »
Niels BOHR

Whatever field or function we are studying in human biology, we can classify the elements involved in it, in three different categories:

  • A physical backbone, which performs the actions;
  • A delimitation of space, in order to obtain specific environmental conditions for the performance of particular functions necessary for carrying out the actions;
  • An exchange structure, which creates links between the demarcated specialized spaces, in order to transmit the signals which will trigger, regulate or stop the actions.

The complexity at the service of animation

Know thyself,
is only possible through the eyes of the other.
Socrate – « Cloud Atlas »

Whatever the function, the part of the human body, which we study in biology, we see that the basic structure, « physical backbone – delimitation – exchange structure« , allows a plasticity which will offer a very great diversity of elements , in order to perform a function to achieve a goal.

Take the example of human anatomy:

  • A physical backbone: the bone skeleton. The bones are all made up of bone connective tissue, which gives dynamism and rigidity -a single element of the same nature which must move the body -desired objective;
  • A delimitation of space: all the bones have a different morphology -a defined physical space– which allows them to communicate information -competence;
  • An exchange structure: the joints -structure that connects two bones- pass information of movement or immobility, from one bone to another, they animate the skeleton -function.

A goal to reach

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb,
we are bound to others past and present,
and by each crime and every kindness we birth our future.
« Cloud Atlas » by Lana WACHOWSKI, Tom TYKWER, Lilly WACHOWSKI

In the human body, there is no competition between the different elements that compose it. They are made for the well being of the whole organism, in order to give it life.

Here are some points raised by Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY in « letter to an hostage », which seem to give indications on the goal that life has chosen for a human being:

  • Prosperity and comfort would not be sufficient to satisfy us.
  • Order for order’s sake deprives man of his essential power which is to transform the world and himself.
  • We acknowledge, as ours precisely, those who differ from us.
  • Problems are incoherent, solutions contradictory.
  • If he acts only for the sake of acting, he will get nowhere.

Let’s use the biological model to create a Symphonic Democracy:

Utopia is not the unrealizable, but the unrealized.
Théodore MONOD

A backbone: each individual with his natural, universal, inalienable right to live humanely -human being;
A delimitation: any group of people sharing identical points of view on specificities of life -countries, religions, associations;
Exchanges: sharing, words, work, hobbies, the links we can make with associations, people, art -the world.
A goal to reach: that proposed by Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY in « letter to an hostage » seems very honorable:

  • Respect for man! Respect for man!…
  • If respect for man is founded within the hearts of men, men will eventually found in return the social, political and economic system which will consecrate this respect.
  • A civilisation is first founded in its substance.
  • It is first, for man, a blind desire for a certain warmth.
  • Therefore man, from one mistake to another, finds his way to the fire.

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