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Le site est multilingue – Le suivi des étapes est accessible

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Le menu « Les Etapes » commence par une image cliquable pour aller sur l’un des 5 thèmes du projet.

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Heal thanks to the conscious properties of matter

Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique, These Relative Relative
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2018, Launch of the project of Ki-Regeneration



The development of Ki-Regeneration®






Validation thanks to the Art Uni-Vers,
the first step towards Ki-Regeneration®







The Art Uni-Vers in practice





Spring, The project brings into life



They joined the Center of Ki-Regeneration®.






The Garden of Arts and the paintings of Jeannette Dubouilh give their consent to be published

« Movement – Harmony – Light »





Addition of the menu with the publications for « the awakening of the Heart of Humanity »


Summer, The project progresses



 The site becomes multi-language – Tracking of steps is accessible

They joined the Center of Ki-Regeneration®

Version française

Here are the first two therapeutists of Self who accepted to participate to the elaboration of the Center of Ki-Regeneration®:


Florence-kiRelookingFlorence Fouéré, the architecture of self, ki-relooking,

« I possess the ardor of fire ans the rigor of metal. I lost the notion of time and space when I accompany Women to get to know each other better in order to live coherently with their deep identity. »


Nadine-CheminCouleurWebNadine Guellier, naturopath – Energy and Spiritual Therapy.

« It is not the beauty of the setting in which we live that makes us happy but the way we live in this setting. »
Find all the information on The page of the Center of Ki-Regeneration®.


The Relativity is Relative

Carte de Visite, Réalité Physique
Version française

A few years ago, I tried to understand what Einstein’s Relativity was. I knew that the discovery had turned physics upside down, but I was unable to really know what that meant.

This took me to the bottom of the structure of the chemical elements that make us up and more precisely in the fractal and holographic filling of electrons on the atomic orbitals.

En français : La Relativité Relative.
In english : The Relative Relativity.

The Garden of Arts

Ancrer la Paix, Carte de Visite
Version française

It is the meeting of two poets of the Life, a painter and a gardener, who after having spent their professional life to teach abroad and in the south, arrived in the Loir et Cher to share the Beauty, the Harmony, the Fraternity they have stored during their journey and the painting of Jeannette Dubouilh.

The Garden of Arts is a place where time freezes, the moment of sharing, of a conference, of an exhibition…. The pleasure to be here.

I passed long and good times. Many hours of discussion during which Jeannette Dubouilh taught me what CREATIVITY is.

I offer you a taste; A virtual tour through this booklet, write in 2011. In french only.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.


The Center of Ki-Regeneration®

Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

Somewhere on my way is the opening of an individual Center of Ki-Regeneration® in Corsica ans who knows… maybe elsewhere too, in the Loir et Cher, for example. It is the future of possibilities.

These(s) center(s) will regenerate all dimensions of Self.

  • The physical aspect -what we show of ourselves in the world: how to clothe, to do one’s hair, to makeup…
  • The health -the inner well-being: to feed, to breathe…
  • The communication with the world -what do I want to do with my life: learning to know each other, to know our passions to cultivate them…
  • Life and not survive.

They will open when I have understood the quantum running of the human being and when I will have the financial contribution to keep the independence of their functioning.

I will not be the only actor because I am aware that it is impossible for me to master all facets of our humanity.

This page is a link to the people I want to work with and who accept to collaborate to bring the Center to life. Their professional activity allows to find again heath, good spirit, well-being.


Florence Fouéré

For those and those for whom … Only to exist is not enough anymore,
Being a spectator of their life and the world is no longer possible,
For those and those for whom … Have the courage to be Themselves,
To better impact the world positively,


« I possess the ardor of fire ans the rigor of metal. I lost the notion of time and space when I accompany Women to get to know each other better in order to live coherently with their deep identity. »




You will find all informations to Be Yourself with Florence on her 2 websites,


Nadine Guellier

For those and those for whom are looking for « that’s not quite », the « how to do to go better ».

For those and those for whom are wondering about how they view life, how they eat, how they deal with emotional interactions with loved ones and other relationships.

For those and those for whom want to better themselves by contributing actively to their well-being.


« It is not the beauty of the setting in which we live that makes us happy
but the way we live in this setting. »



If you are in the Loir et Cher, make a detour to Trôo to reconnect to your life with Nadine,

« We reach our own unity when our acts, our words and our thoughts are aligned on the same wavelength ».


Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique
Version française

Since the beginning of time we have passed on information about life, from ancestors to young people, orally and in writing.

Each generation learns new things that it teaches to its descendants.

On this page you will find the documents that I have finalized. There’s scientific articles, places that I highlight, books…


Scientific articles

2014: The Relative Relativity: article that I wrote when I tried to understand Einstein’s Relativity.

2018: The project of research -it is not the last version, the translation is in progress: describe the physical reality which animate us to naturally regenerate life.



2011: The Garden of Arts, The physical reality of a human world in peace is possible because the painting of Jeannette Dubouilh « Movement – Harmony – Light » represents this World and Art History proves that there are always Artists whose paintings have announced the History of Men.


Life is perfect,
we are all one piece of puzzle of the peace on Earth.

Each is free to choose his piece. It is an individual choice. We can not choose for the others. Each choice has consequences.

I chose to learn the natural laws which doze in us:

  • Say Yes when I am agree,
  • Say No when I am not agree,
  • Ask questions when I don’t know,
  • Learn to think by myself,
  • Choose in conscience.

Long walk to freedom.


Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique

Version française

Knowledge on our conscious link to matter and energy


I have developed a gift of magnetism which I use to calm body pains.

I do not remove the cause of the disease, it is not a therapy, but I calm body pains. Don’t suffer is taking care of yourself, it is a well-being.

I work in Bastia.

You can take an appointment by mail at or by phone at +33(0)


The Art Uni-Vers: an art which heals by « Assisted Self-regeneration »

It’s an inner shower of well-being which can go until the healing, if no memory, emotion, fear block the process of self-regeneration.

You will find all informations on the web page: The Art Uni-Vers, the proof of our entanglement to the Universe

Describe the Physical Reality which animates us

Réalité Physique
Version française

A human being is multi-dimensional and emotional,
We are not artificial intelligence but intelligent et conscious.

All physical reality is a duality in consciousness between energy and matter

The duality is based on the principle of the Yin-Yang duality of the universe explained by Wes Johnson in his article « Yin Yang Universe » :

“Everything as part of a single energy flow continuum
constantly fluctuating between two extremes.”
“The two are needed to create each other
to balance the one in harmonic interplay.”
“Yin and yang are be considered the same thing in the opposite way,”
“Yin can be considered an absence of yang, and vice versa.”


This requires 3 elements: the two complementary extremes and the field between the two as regulator. To find this 3 elements in the human being, I rely on 2 experiments:

A Near-Death Cases (NDE) describes in the article of Pereira and Reddy « Near-Death Cases Desegregating Non-Locality/Disembodiment via Quantum Mediated Consciousness: An Extended Version of the Cell-Soul Pathway » : “The experiment of a woman who has been blind from birth and after an accident her heart stopped rendering her clinically dead approximately 4 minutes. At that very moment she felt her back against the ceiling and she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table. She could see for the first time in her life. She can see her finger, ring, her body lay on the operation table but she could not differentiate the colors, she considered them like different intensities of light. She survived and returned to her world of darkness.”


Stopping the heartbeat separates the human body into two complementary bodies:

  • One “matter body” which follows the law of gravity. It is visible. It becomes inanimate during the dissociation: Her body is on the table.
  • One « energy body” which follows “the complementary of the law of gravity” as the body is attracted to the top and stops when he meets the ceiling: She felt her back against the ceiling. It is invisible. It continues to exist after the dissociation: she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table; memorizes events: she remembers her experiment. But it does not allow self-learning: when she wakes up she was blind again.

The 2 bodies can constitute only one, forming a “dual-dimension” -when the heart beats and we are alive- or can be dissociated into 2 bodies -a matter body and an energy body separated during the NDE.

It means that it exists a “non-palpable dimension” containing the heartbeat which maintains the 2 assembled bodies, and also regulates the expression of characters on the “dual-dimension”, that is to say, our physical reality:

  • By studying a character like -see-: the person is blind in the “dual-dimension” but sees with her “energy body”: she can see for the first time without any learning. The capacity -to see- is inborn.
  • The capacity -to see in colors- seems to require, color learning with eyes in the “dual-dimension” to be used by the “energy body” because sighed people who do a NDE, see in color. The capacity -to see in color- requires learning. It is not inborn.
  • For -stand tall-: only the “dual-dimension” allows it.


The denial of pregnancy: Women in denial of pregnancy “block physical visibility” of the baby, but his body is growing like scan shows and when women take aware of his presence and change her thought, the body of the baby takes his place and becomes visible.

During a NDE, heart failure dissociates the 2 bodies. Denial would act as “a Wall” blocking the expression of -non-palpable heartbeat of the child- preventing association of the 2 dimensions: “dual-dimension” and “non-palpable dimension”, putting the body in a “non-palpable matter reality”, invisible. The through of the mother to the child initiates -non-palpable heartbeat, the dimensions entangle and the baby’s body takes his place.


The above examples validate the multidimensional physical reality of human being:

  • A matter dimension: the body which will be use as a “vehicle” in “the physical reality of our World”. It will be visible, will speak, see,… and learn.
  • An energy dimension which will do actions. It is her who memorizes, feels,… which animates the body.
  • A regulator dimension: non-palpable, universal like heartbeat, sensibility: colors, touch, feelings,… It makes us conscious of “Life”.


The regulator dimension is duality of the 2 realities “energy & matter” and the 2 reals ”visible & non-palpable”. It evolutes in perpetual movement

  • Its matter is the intelligence: learn, put knowledge in relation with the “matter and energy dimension” -Science, the knowledge acquired.
  • Its energy is the being: choose something non-palpable and bring it to life -Art, extrasensory capacity.
  • Its regulation is the thought: master the real of realities, put words on the non-palpable -Creativity, free will to make our dreams become reality or not, according to importance given to feeling and expertise.

It operates through the emotions creating in us an emotional dimension. If we learn to master it we will be able to use our knowledge and capacities to bring to life what is non-palpable in order to harmonize and beautify our individual and collective physical reality: be intelligent and conscious, not artificial intelligence.


All physical reality is a double helix of two complementary states -energy & matter-
regulated by “a non-palpable reality” in the opposite way.

The physical reality of “Life” is duality between:

  • The Space, place of all representations: volume of the Universe and all we ignore, motionless.
  • The Time that passes: energy flow, the movement.
  • The Vacuum, field between the two, whose nature is to be defined because I think it is not nothing, interactions of duality energy-matter conscious at the origin of all physical reality.

With time that passes, vacuum of space decrease because physical reality growing up. Our body grows from baby’s size to adult’s size in the Earth’s atmosphere and Universe grows up in the Cosmos, and not in expansion because: Universe is alive.


The project of research for self-regenerative medicine

Regeneration of the first phalanx in children shows that human body
has the capacity to self-regenerate, like the tail of the lizards.

In the denial of pregnancy, the modification of the thought leads morphological modifications in order to restore the state of the body naturally expected.

The people who are amputees feel their ghost member who is perhaps … in a « non-palpable matter reality » as in the denial of pregnancy,
waiting for visibility!

To regenerate amputated limbs, let’s understand our multidimensionality, let’s master informations between dimensions: let’s drop “the Wall”.

To understand human biology as the duality between Physiology and Biochemistry regulated by Cognition.

To understand the cosmic non-palpable conscious dimension which animates us, conveyed by thought, interacting with matter and energy to naturally and durably regenerate life.