Biocentrism, the third representation of the world

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Since antiquity scientists have tried to understand and model the movement of the stars.

Until today, two major theories have followed one another.


In ancient time, first representation of the world: Geocentrism

  • Greek root: geo « Earth »,
  • Principle: The Earth is motionless at the center of the Universe, the changes (of seasons, day and night) come from movement outside the Earth.

Late 16th century, second representation of the world: Heliocentrism

  • Greek root: helios « Sun »,
  • Principle: The sun is motionless at the center of the Universe, all the spheres, including the Earth revolves around the sun, the Earth rotates on itself along a north/south axis.

Today, we know that the sun is not stationary, it revolves around our galaxy, the Milky Way, at 900 000 km/h.

  • It takes 250 million years to go around, it’s a galactic year.
  • Our galaxy is moving at over 2 millions km/h.
  • Currently it is said that it is not orbiting around anything but heading towards the Andromeda galaxy, and the 2 galaxies will meet in 4 billion years.


21th century, I propose a third representation of the world: Biocentrism

  • Greek root: bios « Life »,
  • Principle: The existence of Life is motionless at the center of the Universe, everything revolves around its origin, that I name the Source of Life. For everything to come alive, it took a triggering event that breathed life into existence, the Breath of Life.
  • Based on the Big Bang model: From the primordial Universe to the expansion of the Universe,
  • with the 4 universal forces: strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force and gravity force,
  • the 5 elements « Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water »,
  • the 2 continuous movements of different nature: a Inner rotational movement centred on the Source of Life, an external linear movement from birth to death,
  • the natural duality: of a Yin-Yang nature for balance or a hedonic-eudemonic vision for well-being.
  • Question in suspense: What gave life to the Breath of Life? Is there a 5th universal force? a 6th element? a 3rd movement? a particularity of duality? to add to the model. Or is it free will? an unquantifiable, unpredictable constituent, which can only be explained after having been experienced.
  • The 5th constituent of the model: the impalpable factor, we cannot model it, but we must keep in mind that it exists, it may take on a value if an answer is found to the question in suspense but we must not forget it.


Any Individual thing that has a mass and moves, is subject to the 4 forces and the 2 movements, is balanced around the 5 elements thanks to the duality, and undergoes the action of the impalpable factor which allows the expansion and the entanglement of the Whole of what lives.

  • This allows the planets, the stars,… to interact while remaining at a good distance so as not to meet, or to meet in infinite time.
  • This could allow us to see a spiritual world appear on Earth, healing inequality, violence, war, to overcome climate change: Let’s develop Biocentrism, let’s put Existence at the center of our preoccupations.

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