2019, Life is in perpetual evolution

Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration, Physical reality, Visit card
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The advances of 2019


The Astro-Physics Shamanism: The proof that we have in us, the negative of our body, as traditional Chinese medicine says.


The Imaginary Worlds with the potential for self-regeneration: The Art Uni-Vers and the Art-Universe are one, because the energy of creativity and the Ki/Chi flowing through our meridians, came from the same Source.


Sensibility as expression of duality: First answer to the question « What defines a human being? ».


A fractal and sensible hologram model to describe all physical reality: The link between the constituents of the hologram and the physical reality of our world exists.


The description of the 5 themes of the site: The redesign of the site to follow the line of the project.

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