The Imaginary Worlds of Ki

Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

When you immerse entirely in a creation to get into the meditative state, the request:

« Please, Regenerate-me »

Fools the eye that sees in creation only an image to look at and the brain that seeks to understand what he sees.

Then, your energetic body takes over, brings the energy of « The Source » -Space without woe- from where comes the creation, to your physical body, thanks to the flow of energy -the Ki, emanating from this same Source, and flowing through the body via meridians.

When I created this art, I called it « Art Uni-Vers », because I was not aware that the energy of creativity and the Ki/Chi flowing through our meridians, came from the same Source.

Discover the World of the Art-Universe by browsing the following clickable links:

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