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After having defined the bases of the Ki-Regeneration, I restructured the site so that it follows the path of its realization.

1. The starting point of this project was the wish to understand Life.


« Describe the physical reality which animates us » contains the hypotheses and the scientific results that explain the physical realities -visible, invisible and impalpable- that animate us.

Note: You may find the word non-palpable instead of impalpable.

2. Then to define the aim of the project which was to find the sense of Life.

The most important was to realize and assimilate the fact that we are entangled in the Earth, on the borders of the Universe, and beyond.

« Universe-Art » contains the information about my colored hot wax creations to use as a support for auto-regenerative meditation.

« Healings » contains developed cares, and the ideas that require research.


« Publications » contains the writings (articles, books …) resulting from the meetings made on my way or from my research, to diffuse, to share with the general public what I discovered.

3. In any project, there are limits to transcending.

Today, I know that sometimes the self-healing abilities are blocked and we need to use other practices to regenerate them before they can be used.


« Center of Ki-Regeneration » contains information about people whose professional activities or living space they have created or their creativity, allow us to regain well-being, to become masters of our lives. It is a help to unlock self-healing abilities.

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