2018, thought comes alive

Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique
Version française

2018, Launch of the project of Ki-Regeneration



The development of Ki-Regeneration®






Validation thanks to the Art Uni-Vers,
the first step towards Ki-Regeneration®






The Art Uni-Vers in practice




Spring, The project brings into life



They joined the Center of Ki-Regeneration®.






The Garden of Arts and the paintings of Jeannette Dubouilh give their consent to be published

« Movement – Harmony – Light »




Summer, The project progresses



Addition of the Planet-Human.org menu with the publications for « the awakening of the Heart of Humanity »



 The site becomes multi-language – Tracking of steps is accessible





Autumn, The project of research in action


The Relativity is Relative,

more and more in depth and height to complete the spiral of knowledge




A fractal and sensible hologram model to describe all physical reality,

first popularization


The project of research, describe the physical reality which animates us to naturally regenerate life -it is not the last version, the translation is in progress.

Winter, The project offers new applications



If learning to see colors with extra-sensorial ability,

it gave the eyesight to the blind




2018, la pensée prend vie

Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique
English version

2018, Lancement du projet de Ki-Regeneration



Le développement de la Ki-Regeneration®







Validation grâce à l’Art Uni-Vers,
le premier pas vers la Ki-Regeneration®






L’Art Uni-Vers, en pratique


Printemps, Le projet prend vie



Elles ont rejoint le Centre de Ki-Regeneration®







Le Jardin des Arts et la peinture de Jeannette Dubouilh donnent leur accord pour être publiés

« Mouvement – Harmonie – Lumière »



Eté, Le projet progresse


Ajout du menu Planet-Human.org avec les publications pour « l’éveil du Cœur de l’Humanité »


CireTransparence 6

L’Art Uni-Vers sur verre


Le site est multi-langue – Le suivi des étapes est accessible





Automne, Le projet de recherche en action



La Relativité est Relative,

de plus en plus en profondeur et en hauteur pour boucler la spirale de la connaissance




Un hologramme fractal et sensible comme modèle pour décrire toute réalité physique,

première vulgarisation





Le projet de recherche

décrire la réalité physique qui nous anime pour régénérer naturellement la vie




Hiver, Le projet offre de nouvelles applications



Si apprendre à voir les couleurs avec ses capacités extra-sensorielles,

rendait la vue aux aveugles



Learn to feel the colors to see the life

Version française

The study of Near-Death experiment shows that blind people who do an NDE see shapes and intensities of light but not colors. That’s means that the physical capacity of see has been well developed, it is present, it seems that it is the capacity to “see in color” of the energetic dimension that is blocked, because the sighted people who make an NDE see in color with their energetic body.

The project showed me that all is duality Yin-Yang in the physical reality with a notion of presence/absence, which would mean that the blind do not see because the ability to « see in color » is absent. It is the sensible dimension that seems affected, the 2D sensible information of the hologram, the regulating layer between the physical body and the energetic body. The non-palpable dimension of our being, the cognition.

At the Mahatma Gandhi International School, in India, children who develop their extra-sensorial capacity are able to separate cards according to the color thanks to their hand. This means that the hands, via the extra-sensorial capacity -non-palpable- can see the colors.

If we understand how children use their extra-sensorial capacities to see colors with their hands, we could develop a method of learning the extra-sensorial ability to « see the colors » and perhaps allow the blind to find eyesight.


Apprendre à ressentir les couleurs pour voir la vie

English version

L’étude des expériences de mort imminente montre que les aveugles qui font une EMI voient les formes et les intensités de lumière mais pas les couleurs. Cela veut dire que la capacité physique de voir a bien été développée, elle est présente, il semblerait que ce soit la capacité « voir en couleur » de leur dimension énergétique qui soit bloquée, car les personnes voyantes qui font une EMI voient en couleur avec leur corps énergétique.

Le projet m’a montré que tout est dualité Yin-Yang dans la réalité physique avec une notion de présence/absence, ce qui voudrait dire que les aveugles ne voient pas car la capacité « voir en couleur » est absente. C’est la dimension sensible qui semble touchée, l’information 2D sensible de l’hologramme, la couche de régulation entre le corps physique et le corps énergétique. La dimension non-palpable de notre être, la cognition.

A l’école internationale de Mahatma Gandhi, en Inde, les enfants qui développent leur capacité extra-sensorielle sont capables de séparer des cartes en fonction de la couleur grâce à leur main. Cela veut dire que les mains, via la capacité extra-sensorielle -non-palpable- peuvent voir les couleurs.

Si nous comprenions comment les enfants utilisent leur capacité extra-sensorielle pour voir les couleurs avec leur main, nous pourrions développer une méthode d’apprentissage de la capacité extra-sensorielle « voir les couleurs » et peut-être permettre aux aveugles de trouver la vue.

They joined the Center of Ki-Regeneration®

Version française

Here are the first two therapeutists of Self who accepted to participate to the elaboration of the Center of Ki-Regeneration®:


Florence-kiRelookingFlorence Fouéré, the architecture of self, ki-relooking,

« I possess the ardor of fire ans the rigor of metal. I lost the notion of time and space when I accompany Women to get to know each other better in order to live coherently with their deep identity. »


Nadine-CheminCouleurWebNadine Guellier, naturopath – Energy and Spiritual Therapy.

« It is not the beauty of the setting in which we live that makes us happy but the way we live in this setting. »
Find all the information on The page of the Center of Ki-Regeneration®.


Center of Ki-Regeneration®

Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

We are sentient beings who create by our choices every moment of our life from the past towards a future that exists only in our imagination.

The center of Ki-Regeneration® for a regeneration of all dimensions of Self.


I want to gather in the same place, people who master and teach a specificity of our humanity -physical, energetic, emotional, self-image… in order to re-connect to all facets of his personality.

  • The physical aspect -what we show of ourselves in the world: how to clothe, to do one’s hair, to makeup…
  • The health -the inner well-being: to feed, to breathe…
  • The communication with the world -what do I want to do with my life: learning to know each other, to know our passions to cultivate them…
  • The collective consciousness -we are the children of the Earth: ecology, culture, information, the future…
  • The sensibility -the heart of our humanity: art, feeling, emotions…

Two favorites places: in Corsica because the regeneration is naturally present, in the Loir et Cher because I found a local and some collaborators are on the continent.

It will open when I have understood the quantum running of the human being and when I will have the financial contribution to keep the independence of its functioning.


I will not be the only actor because I am aware that it is impossible for me to master all facets of our humanity.

This page is a link to the people I want to work with and who accept to collaborate to bring the Center to life. Their professional activity allows to find again heath, good spirit, well-being.


Life and not survive



Florence Fouéré

For those and those for whom … Only to exist is not enough anymore,
Being a spectator of their life and the world is no longer possible,
For those and those for whom … Have the courage to be Themselves,
To better impact the world positively,


« I possess the ardor of fire ans the rigor of metal. I lost the notion of time and space when I accompany Women to get to know each other better in order to live coherently with their deep identity. »




You will find all informations to Be Yourself with Florence on her 2 websites,



Nadine Guellier

For those and those for whom are looking for « that’s not quite », the « how to do to go better ».

For those and those for whom are wondering about how they view life, how they eat, how they deal with emotional interactions with loved ones and other relationships.

For those and those for whom want to better themselves by contributing actively to their well-being.


« It is not the beauty of the setting in which we live that makes us happy
but the way we live in this setting. »




If you are in the Loir et Cher, make a detour to Trôo to reconnect to your life with Nadine,

« We reach our own unity when our acts, our words and our thoughts are aligned on the same wavelength ».



Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique
Version française

Since the beginning of time we have passed on information about life, from ancestors to young people, orally and in writing.

We are the Cosmic Universe entangled in the Universe


I want to write to make known our multidimensional and emotional physical reality.

  • To awaken the Heart of Humanity,
  • To explain the creativity offered by life.


Each generation learns new things that it teaches to its descendants.

On this page you will find the documents that I have finalized. There’s scientific articles, places that I highlight, books…



Scientific articles

2014: The Fractal Chaotic Filling of Atomic Orbitals: the search for the understanding of Einstein’s relativity took me to the bottom of the structure of the chemical elements that compose us. That allowed me to validate the use of holographic model to describe our physical reality.

2018: The project of research for the development of Ki-Regeneration®: describe the physical reality which animate us to naturally regenerate life.



2011: The Garden of Arts, The physical reality of a human world in peace is possible because the painting of Jeannette Dubouilh « Movement – Harmony – Light » represents this World and Art History proves that there are always Artists whose paintings have announced the History of Men.

The Art Uni-Vers in practice

Art Uni-Vers, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

Unlike to painting or drawing, the wax painting used needs no long technical to acquire, just let the inner creativity make.

Alchemist between sticks of colored wax and heat’s iron let emerge the invisible worlds which inhabit us.

These Invisible Worlds have joined my quest for our origins to give birth to the Imaginary Worlds of the Universe:

Immerse yourself in the hearth of a creation, that is to say contemplate it in every detail, put all your attention on it, examine every nook and cranny, dialogue with the life that animates the imaginary worlds; Feel the energy flow through your body, the well-being invade you, everything becomes possible; you enter a meditative state conducive to self-regeneration.


« The Art of Letting »

I make waves of creations. I put myself in the same conditions as the artists of Chinese painting:

Sitting face to the work table, the arm and wrist up raised, the artist paints with a large elbow movement, and with all his body, without taking a step back.

I paint with my iron and wax sticks colored on encaustic paper or canvas coated with gesso.


I usually created the night. I am in Corsica.

This island, in addition to deserving its name of Island of Beauty, has an extraordinary power of vegetal regeneration which is seen after a fire. It must have a direct link to « The Source » of Life where I go to connect myself to bring back the Imaginary Worlds of the Universe.


I make the first creative throw for all the media I’ve prepared. Then I scrub a cloth on the creation to remove the film that formed after cooling. The colors take on radiance. They shine.

At this time, I see if the creation speaks to me. I listen my body to feel if energy circulates and my eyes to see if it is harmonious. If it is not the case, I take back my iron and modify the creation thanks to the heat of the iron and the addition or not of color. This part can be done the day as it is my body which is the principal vector of the final harmony. The lights effect on the creation facilitates the colors game vision and the depth of the Imaginary Worlds.


The Art Uni-Vers is an alive art.

I understand him a little more each day.

It is an help to develop Ki-Regeneration®. My letting go.

Here is the live demonstration: https://vimeo.com/247446666.



Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

We have inside us the power to heal ourselves, a force that has been present since the night of Time.

The Art Uni-Vers speaks without word to dress wounds


I think the placebo effect is self-regeneration that manifests itself naturally. It does not require the intervention of our will or learning.

  • Regeneration of the first phalanx in children shows that human body
    has the capacity to self-regenerate, like the tail of the lizards.
  • In the denial of pregnancy, the modification of the thought leads morphological modifications in order to restore the state of the body naturally expected.
  • The people who are amputees feel their ghost member who is perhaps … in a « non-palpable matter reality » as in the denial of pregnancy,
    waiting for visibility!

We could say that the placebo effect is « Wild », because it does what it wants. Sometimes it heals, sometimes it is inert but never it amplifies the problem. Its activation or inhibition is dependent on the mind, sensitivity and biology of each. The mechanism is unknown because no research is carried out on the placebo effect and its use to serve the health.

On this page you will find the applications I made during the development of the Ki-Regeneration®. They bring well-being.



Art Uni-Vers

The first step towards Ki-Regeneration®
by validating our entanglement to the Universe and our capacity to self-regeneration

ArtUnivers-CarteKiRegeneration 6

When you immerse entirely in a creation to get into the meditative state, the request:

« Please, Regenerate-me »

Fools the eye that sees in creation only an image to look at and the brain that seeks to understand what he sees.

Then, your energetic body takes over, brings the energy of « The Source » -Space without woe- from where comes the creation, to your physical body, thanks to the flow of energy -the Ki/Chi, emanating from this same Source, and flowing through the body via meridians.


Discover the World of the Art Uni-Vers: