Link between the constituents of the hologram and our world

Physical reality
Version française

The LIFE thanks to the CAMERA and the OBJECT. The camera illuminates the object, and projects its complete hologram, as a space-time bigger than the Universe, That I call The Source. Once upon a time: « The Source » of everything possible, waiting waves to make it visible.

FRACTAL thanks to the SHUTTER. This gives a sense to the experiment of life from the universal (laws of nature present in everything) to the individual (everyone feels what he can/wants/thinks), from simplicity to complexity, from global view to finesse. More and more details. More and more interactions. More and more relations: The conscious of the individuality into the whole.

SENSIBLE thanks to all the MIRRORS. Conferring it an autopoietic character, by the play of reflections, symmetry, complementarity: The duality.

HOLOGRAM thanks to the BEAMSPITTERS. The two modes of realization of hologram create two dimensions of different nature, one energetic and one physic, in a Yin-Yang Universe Duality: The waltz of complementarities.

The PHYSICAL REALITY thanks to the HOLOGRAPHIC PLATE. It transforms 2D information of the sensible support in three-dimensional image capable of feeling: The duality Energy/Matter conscious.

Nothing can come into the camera. All that is necessary for life is present in the light that comes out of the camera and the object. The harmony between the 2 modes of realization offers beauty.

Life is a wise equilibrium between

  • What we know, our knowledge which can be truth or false: the past -object beams,
  • What we don’t know yet, but we are going to discover it in the course of the current history in order to increase our expertise: the present -reference beams,
  • What we can only imagine, we have the power to create it to make it a reality thanks to our passions, our dreams, our envy: the future -the object.

The World is a duality of three entangled elements

  • The Space, place of all representations: volume of the Universe and all we ignore, motionless -the holographic plate.
  • The Time that passes: energy flow, the movement -the vibration of the waves.
  • The Vacuum, field between the two, whose nature is to be defined because I think it is not nothing, interactions of duality energy-matter conscious at the origin of all physical reality -The Source.
  • With time that passes, vacuum of space decrease because physical reality growing up.

Our body is growing from baby’s size to adult’s size in the Earth’s atmosphere and the Universe is growing in the Cosmos because the Universe is alive -the sensible dimension of the observed expansion.

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