Sensibility as expression of Duality

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The duality is based on the principle of the Yin-Yang duality of the universe explained by Wes Johnson in his article « Yin Yang Universe » :

“Everything as part of a single energy flow continuum
constantly fluctuating between two extremes.”
“The two are needed to create each other
to balance the one in harmonic interplay.”
“Yin and yang are be considered the same thing in the opposite way,”
“Yin can be considered an absence of yang, and vice versa.”


This requires 3 elements: the two complementary extremes and the field between the two as regulator


To find this 3 elements in the human being, I rely on 2 experiments:

1. A Near-Death Cases (NDE) describes in the article of Pereira and Reddy « Near-Death Cases Desegregating Non-Locality/Disembodiment via Quantum Mediated Consciousness: An Extended Version of the Cell-Soul Pathway » : “The experiment of a woman who has been blind from birth and after an accident her heart stopped rendering her clinically dead approximately 4 minutes. At that very moment she felt her back against the ceiling and she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table. She could see for the first time in her life. She can see her finger, ring, her body lay on the operation table but she could not differentiate the colors, she considered them like different intensities of light. She survived and returned to her world of darkness.”


Stopping the heartbeat separates the human body into two complementary bodies:

  • One “matter body” which follows the law of gravity. It is visible. It becomes inanimate during the dissociation: Her body is on the table.
  • One « energy body” which follows “the complementary of the law of gravity” as the body is attracted to the top and stops when he meets the ceiling: She felt her back against the ceiling. It is invisible. It continues to exist after the dissociation: she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table; memorizes events: she remembers her experiment. But it does not allow self-learning: when she wakes up she was blind again.

The 2 bodies can constitute only one, forming a “dual-dimension” -when the heart beats and we are alive- or can be dissociated into 2 bodies -a matter body and an energy body separated during the NDE.

It means that it exists a “non-palpable dimension” containing the heartbeat which maintains the 2 assembled bodies, and also regulates the expression of characters on the “dual-dimension”, that is to say, our physical reality:

  • By studying a character like -see-: the person is blind in the “dual-dimension” but sees with her “energy body”: she can see for the first time without any learning. The capacity -to see- is inborn.
  • The capacity -to see in colors- seems to require, color learning with eyes in the “dual-dimension” to be used by the “energy body” because sighed people who do a NDE, see in color. The capacity -to see in color- requires learning. It is not inborn.
  • For -stand tall-: only the “dual-dimension” allows it.


2. The denial of pregnancy: Women in denial of pregnancy “block physical visibility” of the baby, but his body is growing like scan shows. When woman becomes aware of his presence and changes her mind, the baby’s body takes its place and becomes visible.

During a NDE, heart failure dissociates the 2 bodies. Denial would act as “a Wall” blocking the expression of -non-palpable heartbeat of the child- preventing association of the 2 dimensions: “dual-dimension” and “non-palpable dimension”, putting the body in a “non-palpable matter reality”, invisible. The maternal through of the mother to the child initiates -non-palpable heartbeat, the dimensions entangle and the baby’s body takes its place.


The above examples validate the multidimensional physical reality of human being:

  • A matter dimension: the body that serves as a “vehicle” in “the physical reality of our World”. It will be visible, will speak, see,… and learn.
  • An energy dimension that makes actions. It is it who memorizes, feels,… which animates the body.
  • A sensible dimension: non-palpable, universal like heartbeat, sensibility: colors, touch, feelings,… In link with dark matter and dark energy, it entangles us to the Universe. It makes us conscious of “Life” and regulates it.


The sensible dimension is duality of the 2 realities “energy & matter” and the 2 reals ”visible & non-palpable”. It evolutes in perpetual movement

  • Its matter is the intelligence: learn, put knowledge in relation with the “matter and energy dimension” -Science, the knowledge acquired.
  • Its energy is the being: feel the non-palpable in us and give it life and bring it to life -Art, extrasensory capacity.
  • Its sensibility is the conscious: master the real of realities, put words on the non-palpable -Creativity, free will: the importance given to feeling compared to expertise, the share of letting go on the control..


The sensible dimension is the heart of our humanity. It operates through the emotions creating in us an emotional dimension.

If we learn to master it we will be able to use our knowledge and capacities to bring to life what is non-palpable in order to harmonize and beautify our individual and collective physical reality: be intelligent and conscious, not artificial intelligence.



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