Sensibility as expression of duality

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A Near-Death Cases (NDE) describes in the article of Pereira and Reddy « Near-Death Cases Desegregating Non-Locality/Disembodiment via Quantum Mediated Consciousness: An Extended Version of the Cell-Soul Pathway »  has attired my attention:

“The experiment of a woman who has been blind from birth and after an accident her heart stopped rendering her clinically dead approximately 4 minutes. At that very moment she felt her back against the ceiling and she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table. She could see for the first time in her life. She can see her finger, ring, her body lay on the operation table but she could not differentiate the colors, she considered them like different intensities of light. She survived and returned to her world of darkness.”

Experience shows our multidimensionality:

  • One “matter dimension” follows the law of gravity: Her body is on the table.
  • One “energy dimension” follows the complementary of the law of gravity: she felt her back against the ceiling.
  • During the NDE, we are clinically dead, the dimensions “matter” and “energy” are autonomous: We are two complementary bodies;
  • If we are alive, a “dual-dimension” intricates the two dimensions “matter” and “energy”: We are an animated body.

Some abilities differ depending on the state of entanglement of the two dimensions:

  • The capacity “to see” is blocked in the “dual-dimension”: she is blind, and becomes active in the “energy body” during the NDE: she can see for the first time without any learning.
  • The capacity “to see in colors” seems to require, color learning with eyes in the “dual-dimension” to be used by the “energy body”: sighed people who do a NDE, see in color. The capacity -to see in color- requires learning. It is not inborn.
  • The “energy dimension” does not allow self-learning: when she wakes up she was blind again, but allows memorization: she remembers her experiment.
  • The capacity “stand tall” is possible only in the “dual-dimension”.

Duality is the natural state of all realities

The duality is based on the principle of the Yin-Yang duality of the universe explained by Wes Johnson in his article « Yin Yang Universe » :

Everything as part of a single energy flow continuum constantly fluctuating between two extremes

  • The sensible dimension -the heartbeat, regulates the entanglement of the two extremes, it is the energy flow;
  • The matter dimension is one extreme;
  • The energy dimension is the other extreme.

The two are needed to create each other to balance the one in harmonic interplay

  • During the NDE, the dimensions are dissociated, preventing all interactions: she sees her body on the table, she feels her back against the ceiling;
  • When we are alive, the two dimensions are intricate, creating an animated body: we speak, we learn,… interacting with our environment.

Yin and yang are be considered the same thing in the opposite way

  • The matter dimension: her body lying on the table, dense, visible;
  • The energy dimension: her body back to the ceiling, light, invisible.

Yin can be considered an absence of yang, and vice versa

  • The matter dimension: it is the matter body without the energy body;
  • The energy dimension: it is the energy body without the matter body.

Each living being consists of two complementary dimensions matter and energy and a sensitive dimension, binding and regulating, thanks to a perpetual return between the two dimensions.

The human being is emotional

To understand the nature of the sensible dimension, I studied the denial of pregnancy.

Women in denial of pregnancy “block physical visibility” of the baby, but his body is growing like scan shows.

“I met two women who had a denial of pregnancy. They both had children, and did not want to have others at that time. Both returned home after scan, with the flat belly. They were about 6 months pregnant. For one of them, the belly is rounded instantly when she realized that she had only 3 months to prepare for the arrival of the child; for the second it took a week. In the press, I have read that the belly of some women rounds up when they see the scan, others only become aware at delivery, and some will never become aware.”

In the denial of pregnancy, the woman must « see » the physical presence of the baby, accept it and change her emotional thinking, become a mother, so that the body of the baby takes its place and become visible.

Without the mother’s emotional and voluntary acceptance, the baby’s body grows invisible until delivery, which will eventually occur whether or not the awareness has been realized. The body of the woman is independent of the function of being a mother.

What defines a human being?

During NDE, heart failure dissociates the dual-dimension -energy and matter- making the body inanimate.

It seems that the denial of pregnancy prevents the association of the two dimensions “matter and energy” of the child and puts his body in a inanimate material reality because devoid of the energy dimension, but living with a heart that beats thanks to the sensitive dimension”, allowing the body to grow up »straight like a statue » and not in a fetal position like a baby.

  • If the sensible dimension is only entangled with the energy dimension, as in the NDE: the physical body is inanimate, while the energy body is in motion, conscious of the experience, invisible because without matter;
  • If the sensible dimension is entangled only with the dimension of matter, as in the denial of pregnancy: the physical body grows, but it is devoid of movement, invisible because motionless;
  • If the three dimensions are intricate: we are an animated body, conscious, visible.

This sensible dimension is the heart of our humanity. It operates through the emotions creating in us an emotional, conscious, human dimension that can interact with matter and energy.

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