The Astro-Physics Shamanism

Ki-Regeneration, Physical reality
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Taking into account the first results obtained from my research project (see the article on sensitivity as an expression of duality) we can say that at least five dimensions animate a human being:

  • A matter dimension: the body that serves as a “vehicle” in the physical reality of our World. It is visible, will speak, see,… and learn;
  • An energy dimension that makes actions. It is it who memorizes, feels, watch,… which animates the body;
  • A sensible dimension: non-palpable, sacred like heartbeat, emotion: colors, touch, feelings,… It makes us alive, standing, conscious of “Life” and regulates it;
  • A universal-innate dimension which contains the universal laws, as well the mechanisms of functioning of the body, as the gravitational laws, quantum,… which govern the universe, the biology, the chemistry, …. It is identical for all human beings. It does not require any learning. It is relative, quantum, cosmic, inscribed in each electron;
  • A lived-acquired dimension that collects together the history of human beings since the time immemorial thanks to the transmission of generations. It contains the data that we all share, all in our language: colors, objects, numbers,…; But also the differences specific to the cultures, the families, the alphabet used, … that is to say relating to a group of people sharing the same collective experience. It contains truths and errors: up to the false certainties and the true beliefs.

Three dimensions are immutable:

  • The matter and energy dimensions give rise to all physical reality, endowed at the same time with a dense/matter existence delimited in space, and fluid/energy movement evolving in time: such as light, wave – particle duality;
  • The universal-innate dimension determines the specific characteristics of each species: human beings, plants, animals, minerals, planets,… by fixing the rules of entanglement of the matter and energy dimensions: the field between the two.

Human being is like a double helix of two visible complementary realities -energy and matter- with a non palpable reality -sensible- in the opposite way:

During NDE, heart failure dissociates the two dimensions -energy and matter- of the individual rendering his body matter inanimate, whereas the energy body is conscious because entangled with the sensible dimension. All physical reality being a duality energy/matter conscious, the matter-innate of the universal dimension, is put in duality with the energy-conscious body of the individual. The universal dimension containing the information of the functioning of a human body, the blind person who makes an NDE, sees for the first time in his life.

During denial of pregnancy, the association of the two dimensions -energy and matter- of the child does not take place, which renders his energy body inoperative, so that the duality of physical reality is done with the energy-innate of the universal dimension. This one contains the « plan of making a human body », that’s what allows the formation of organs and all the development of the child, until delivery.

The self-regenerative medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine says that we have the negative of our body present in us: it is the universal-innate dimension.

The universal-innate dimension contains the « plan of making a human body and his functioning », that’s why, we can regenerate an amputated member, by retrieving the information inscribed in the matter-energy-innate of this dimension to regenerate the physical body of a person, as the lizards know how to do it.

The Earth is a living physical reality, there must be at the level of the universal dimension, the information matter-energy-innate, which explains the formation of the water or the why it does not rain any more, and we will be able to use its information to make raining again in Africa, like the dance of the rain.

Since all physical reality is a duality energy / matter conscious, it must be inscribed at the level of the universal-innate dimension or of the lived-acquired dimension, the information on the construction of a house, since it becomes an individual physical reality, and we can go get his information to rebuild it, since the equations of quantum physics are true in both directions.

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