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Two years ago, I wrote the research project to study the physical reality of the human body in order to develop an innate self-regeneration program that can go as far as regenerating amputated limbs, but I did not find research laboratory to fund it.

In early March 2020, containment arrived and I began to study human anatomy on my own.

As I studied, I found elements to validate my hypothesis of the possible regeneration of the amputated limbs. And which took me even further. Why not cure illnesses like a doctor?

At the same time, I developed a site for the Movement of Fraternal Humanity to anchor Peace on Earth. I have used the perfect balance of the human body to find solutions to improve our world. I started to develop « Biological Coaching The Life on Earth ».

And then, the duality appeared in me:

  1. Spend all my time uniting people from all over the world to anchor Peace on Earth. Together think about solutions to manage climate change, to free oneself from war, misery, violence, the inconsistency of our lifestyles?
  2. Spending all my time continuing to study human anatomy, human pathology in order to discover the causes that sometimes make the human body to lose control of its balance, and let things go that make it sick. Develop Ki-Regeneration until become a Doctor of medicine based on the bosy’s natural and innate capacities to stay healthy?

What is the most important?
Which is the one where I will be most useful?
Can I do both?

Who am I ?

These two paths resonate deep within me. How to choose?

  • For the first one, I need the others. Alone, I cannot accomplish planetary actions. If you also dream of a Fraternal World, go to the web page which summarizes the Movement of Fraternal Humanity, and suggests individual actions to be carried out for a planetary effect: free will produces life.
  • For the second, I need to find funding to study the human body full time. As well as the greatest proof of love that I can give myself to overcome the refusal to live that I imprinted in my cells during my embryonic development. This duality of a refusal / a desire which makes me have the capacity to find the universal causes which disturb the physical balance of the human body, and to heal people by removing these causes in order to allow them to regain the health of a balanced body.

The Movement of Fraternal Humanity is my passion,

I want to become a Doctor of Ki-Regeneration®

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