The free will produces life

Anchor peace, Biological coaching

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I don’t think politics will solve climate change, coronavirus, inequality, misery, wars.

I believe that it is human dignity, the conscience put in our actions, in our choices, which will allow us to reach this.

It is in this sense that I thought of actions in order to act on a global scale, to anchor Peace on Earth and find a new balance between the natural terrestrial ecosystem and human activity.

To do this, I transposed the creative process from human biology to life:

1, I obtained a Vision of a Fraternal Earth in balance:

  • GOAL to reach: Naturally Harmonize Life of Earth thanks to fraternity,
  • Discover the interrelationships that entangle the living, and discern natural and human resources,
  • Determine what maintains whole thing in dynamic balance, and learn from the chaos that arises the essential needs,
  • Cultivate art of creativity to act collectivelly in consciousness.

2, I found elements to take into consideration to naturally harmonize life on Earth:

  • All that lives is entangled;
  • The whole is kept in balance by the immutable laws of Life,
  • They ensure that all living beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights;
  • Living beings belong to one of the five living kingdoms: Humans, Animals, Plants, Microorganisms, the earth;
  • Every kingdom has its own specificities: its nature, its needs, its instincts, its biodiversity;
  • Every being in these kingdoms makes choices and gets in return, the response to those choices from all that lives around him.
  • We are master of our choices and slave to their side effects.

I am awake that I cannot do this on my own.

The most important thing is to want to try to find solutions to the global disorders that we are going through,

The desire to connect the heart of Humanity…

Fraternally Thank You.

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