2018, Thought comes alive

Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration, Physical reality, Visit card
Version française

2018, Launch of the project of Ki-Regeneration


The development of Ki-Regeneration®


Validation thanks to the Art Uni-Vers,
the first step towards Ki-Regeneration®


The Art Uni-Vers in practice

Spring, The project brings into life

They joined the Center of Ki-Regeneration®.

The Garden of Arts and Jeannette Dubouilh give their consent to be published

« Movement – Harmony – Light »

Summer, The project progresses


Addition of the Planet-Human.org menu with the publications for « the awakening of the Heart of Humanity »

 The site becomes multi-language – Tracking of steps is accessible

Autumn, The project of research in action


The Relativity is Relative,
more and more in depth and height to complete the spiral of knowledge


A fractal and sensible hologram model to describe all physical reality,
first popularization


The project of research, describe the physical reality which animates us to naturally regenerate life

Winter, The project offers new applications


If learning to see colors with extra-sensorial ability,

it gave the eyesight to the blind

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