The Art Uni-Vers in practice

Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

« The Art of Letting »

I make waves of creations. I put myself in the same conditions as the artists of Chinese painting:

Sitting face to the work table, the arm and wrist up raised, the artist paints with a large elbow movement, and with all his body, without taking a step back.

I paint with my iron and wax sticks colored on encaustic paper or canvas coated with gesso.

I create the night, during the full moon.

The night and the moon bring the optimal conditions to have a direct link to « The Source » of Life where I connect in order to bring back the auto-regenerator Worlds of Ki’Chi’Qi, because this « Source » is also that of Ki/Chi/Qui, the vital energy that runs through our meridians.

I make the first creative throw for all the media I’ve prepared. Then I scrub a cloth on the creation to remove the film that formed after cooling. The colors take on radiance. They shine.

At this time, I see if the creation speaks to me. For this, I am helped by the fact that my basic temperament, in the tradition of Chinese medicine, is the Water element. I listen my body to feel if energy circulates and my eyes to see if it is harmonious. If it is not the case, I take back my iron and modify the creation thanks to the heat of the iron and the addition or not of color.

This part is done the day or the night, whatever the moon since it is my body which is the principal vector of the final harmony. The lights effect on the creation facilitates the vision of the depth of the play of colors, but it is the energetic sensation through my body that gives it its ability to auto-regenerate.

The vital energy of Ki’Chi’Qi is a universal, perpetual, inexhaustible, unalterable source of energy, which animates all that lives.

If when I look attentively at the Universe-Art creations, I activate the flow of the vital energy of Ki/Chi/Qi through my meridians, this means that if you contemplate with all your attention the Universe-Art creations, the flow of vital energy will come alive through our body.

Demonstration of the realization of an Universe-Art creation.

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