The awakening of the heart of Humanity

Version française

Peace on Earth will be.
When the world freely will express
The Dignity « inherent to all members of the Human Family »


2018: The History of Fraternal Humanity, in the course of my investigation of the search for our origins, I became aware that the world in which we live where reigns inequalities, violence, misery is not the result of our Humanity but the result of choices -individuals and collectives, present and past- made to learn by experiment -by the lived- « Who we are – Where we come from – Where we are going ». Change of scale offers another look:

In our reality, Life appeared at a single time and place
that Science calls « The Big Bang ».

So we come ALL of this common place that allowed Life,
that I name « The Source » because it flows in US.

You can diffuse freely the pdf file that it was written.


2018: What will the World be if we globalize the Fraternity, -to friendship, love, joy! Humanity, in life’s scale, it is a one year child for a human life. We know that he will walk, pee in the chamberpot, eat alone, work … but for the moment, he is totally dependent on his environment and what society teaches him.

It’s up to us to build a world in our image.

You can diffuse freely the pdf file that it was written.


I deeply root on the Universal Declaration of Life Rights

All living beings -human beings, animals, plants, minerals,
the spirits of nature, the Earth, the Cosmos-
are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

We humans are endowed with reason, conscience and free will.

I chose to learn to act with others in a spirit of brotherhood.


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