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After seven months of studying human anatomy, I realize that the Ki-Regeneration® that I am developping is medicine based on the natural and innate capacities of the body to self-regenerate to stay balanced.

The principle of healing is as follows:

  • The body is maintained in good health thanks to programs of treatment of the changes, of balancing between all the constituents, by the constant renewal of these cells, and a « universal library » containing the natural mechanisms to be applied.
  • If he falls ill, it is because one or more of these programs is not working correctly or because their link to the « universal library » is disrupted or because errors have been added in « the individual library ».
  • If we understand how these programs and biological libraries work, we will be able to heal the body by removing the root causes of the disruption of the activity of these programs and their unsuitable link to “the universal library”.
  • The programs will then run naturally and correctly, they will renew the cells carrying an anomaly with healthy cells, allowing the person to regain the health of a balanced universal body.

I want to develop this medicine, without following the normal course of medical school.

To heal people, I have to understand the programs of environmental checking, adaptation, information processing, balancing, self-learning, memorization, the « biological libraries » and the causes that cause the programs to let something go, at times, which causes them to be out of order.

I imagined a training program with the theory to be learned, internships and applications, for a period of approximately 5 years, as well as the following: during the first 3 years, I hope to open at TERNAY (41800) , a self-regeneration center oriented towards pain, the principle is « to remove the pain first and then prevent it from coming back » and to be able to carry this principle by subsequently opening other centers in France And in the world.

After the 5 years of training, I would like to implement a procedure for authorization to practice in order to be recognized as a Doctor, and to become a humanitarian ambulant doctor.

Self-regenerating medicine is a real medicine which will gain in efficiency by dialoguing with doctors, by going to conferences.

This is why I am looking for funding for a minimum of one year to open a self-regeneration center in Ternay in the Loir et Cher, or for 5 years to have a financial base during the full time of the training.

I am interested in all the ideas, the information that you can have.

I thank you very sincerely.

The world is changing, so is medicine.

I can already show the diagrams obtained for the balancing programs, as well as the place, the importance of each organ, and the details of my self-training, during an interview.

Fraternally Thank you for taking the time to read my project.

Merry Christmas 2020.

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