Cleansing the flow of vital energy with Shiatsu-Magnetism

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The biological and medical studies that I carried out on the Capacities Energetic and Conscious ‘CEC’ of the body to remain balanced, allowed me to identify 3 flows of vital energy of different energetic, physical and conscious nature.

  • The flux-libre: It is the perpetual and inexhaustible continuous flow of the Breath of Life: our space of inner calm.
    As long as it flows through us, we are alive. If it stops, it is physical death. It is related to breathing. No molecule can obstruct it, but its flow can vary depending on the physical health of our body, our morale, our emotional balance,… and other factors that are not necessarily our making.
  • The flux-simple: It is an energetic and conscious flow, with energetic particles: the messengers of evolution that regulate the regulation of the Capacities Energetic and Conscious ‘CEC’ to maintain the body in balance.
    Uncorrected imbalances can become “normal,” causing balancing processes to loop, or not stop, or not trigger. The body will be continually overcoming the “imbalance-balanced”. It will require a lot of biochemical activity, using up the reserves and wearing down the organs faster, without causing the organs to have a physical problem.
  • The flux-connect: It is an energetic and physical flow, with material particles: biochemical molecules (hormones, growth factors, ions, toxins, etc.) which are the actors of biochemical functions.
    It is at the origin of the overall state of health of the body because it is responsible for the fluidity of the 3 flows of vital energy. It is at the origin of the appearance of side effects because it connects organs that are involved in different biological systems. Thus an organ can start to malfunction, not because of a physical problem on its part, but because it receives bad information.

Each stream has multiple paths to nourish the body as a whole.
These paths are like the meridians of acupuncture.

The paths, belonging to the same type of flow or to a different flow, intersect, mix and the particles that compose them interact.
These crossings are like acupuncture points.

Shiatsu-Magnetism consists of cleaning the flow of vital energy by applying magnetism to the crossings of the flows of vital energy, along the paths of the flux-simple, and on the biological elements of the flux-connect.

I use my hands to apply pressure like in shiatsu.

On the other hand, I do not put pressure on the energy meridians but on the flows of vital energy used by the Capacities Energetic and Conscious of the body.

Magnetism activates the flux-libre of the body, to provide it with universal and perpetual energy from « the Source of Life », Ki/Chi/Qi, and thus facilitate regeneration.

I have developed a protocol of care in order to clean the flux-simple of vital energy from the energetic particles that have accumulated.

This is equivalent to performing a Reset of the regulatory functions of the overall balance of the body, without affecting the biochemical molecules present.

  • The « imbalance-balanced » will be stopped.
  • A global rebalancing of the body will be initiated.

If one or more organs have a physical problem, this treatment will not cure it, but it will not make the problem worse. Physiological disorders cannot appear after this treatment, since it does not intervene on the material particles.

As the body cannot express all levels of pain at the same time, pain may appear after this treatment.

It can uncover an unknown physical bodily problem. As the body continually rebalances, we can feel healthy and still have a malfunctioning organ.

The Shiatsu-Magnetism care “Cleansing the flow of vital energy”
is made at my home: TERNAY 41800

Duration of the session: 45 mins
Duratation of the treatment: 20 mins
Price: 40 euros

At the first appointment, I offer you a Reset card of the Universe Art of Ki’Chi’Qi with the protocol of « Contemplative breathing » to promote auto-regenerative Inner Meditation, in order to continue the auto-regeneration of your body at home, increasing the connection to your space of inner calm. Click on this link for information on the Universe-Art creations of Ki’Chi’Qi and « Contemplative breathing ».

  • Send me an email at to make an appointment or for any further information. Give me your phone number if you want me to call you back, by Skype for countries outside France.
  • The treatment is performed on a massage chair.
  • Provide comfortable clothing.
  • The image in the header represents the flow of vital energy and the Program Energetic Conscious “PEC” which allows the Capacities Energetic and Conscious of the body to function. It is blurred because it belongs to my research project in auto-regenerating medicine.
  • The terms flux-libre, flux-simple, flux-connect have been defined in this way for the research project. When translating into a foreign language, I keep the order of the words to facilitate the use of acronyms and sometimes I use English words even in French.

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