Understand Biology / Yin-Yang – Autodidact of Human Body

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Here are the steps to understand the inter-dependence of the ‘Energetic / Physical – Conscious’ components of the human body.

  • Learn the basics of a healthy body and a sick body; develop the basics of healing, the principle of innate and natural auto-regenerating medicine, and practice care of magnetism of Ki
    • Human and animal anatomy, embryology, pathology: general, anatomical, neuroanatomical, cardiac, digestive, lymphatic, immunological;
    • Naturopathy and homeopathy: understand their principle of healing and of reprogramming;
    • Chinese medicine, Japanese medicine ‘yen, shiatsu’: understand the yin-yang equilibrium of the body;
    • The voice: understand the integration of elements of different physical, energetic, conscious natures in a common aim.

I wish to do this through shamanism and its connection to the animal world, because their Conscience-Autodidact program is connected by flux-simple to magnetism of Ki and not by flux-connect as us. The care will be more easy to establish, because there will be no intervention of personal history, thoughts, beliefs.

  • Improve care by learning other techniques
    • Carry out training stages in therapeutic Yoga Centers, in Ayurvedic medicine, Yen,… to learn their expertise and develop my practice resulting from the theory acquired in the first year.

I wish to develop one part of my activity in volunteering in Bhopal, in dispensaries,…

  • Deal with the pain
    • Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, the feeling of the phantom limb for amputees, could appear during the equilibrium process because the damaged part don’t regain the integral equilibrium of the body:
      • The transition program must have a function that says « everything is in equilibrium, change processed », here this function would return nothing or a message « something is wrong », but « the individual bibliotheca » would block the mechanism to process it, then this message would become an aggression « incoherent equilibrium » for the body which would repeat it punctually to try to resolve it, causing pain or an unpleasant sensation is chronic, real but without physical cause at its origin.
    • Health is both a natural capacity of the body to be in balance but also the balance that a person has within his family, his work, his environment, and society. It is very difficult to change your habits, and to think about what is wrong when the pain is there.

I wish to acquire the anatomical skills in order to understand pain and take it away before make care.

  • Seek to understand « the individual bibliotheca »
    • The human being is a physical body, but he is also influenced by his thoughts, his emotions, his memories. He is an autodidact, creative, sensible, intelligent being, whose state of health depends on the ‘Conscious’ component.
    • Conduct research on denial, consciousness, cognition, creativity in order to understand the impact of individual history on health.

I wish to write publications in order to popularize what I have discovered about the body and human nature. And why not begin to train people to the innate and natural auto-regenerating medicine.

  • Be a doctor
    • Study pharmacology: cardiovascular and respiratory, pain medication, inflammatory pathologies, immunes, rheumatic, anesthesia, anti-infectives. Understand the side effects, which also appear during stress: what causes the body to fail to regain / maintain its state of natural equilibrium and how to resolve this « no return ».
    • Study psychosomatic illness. The drugs have an effect on the patient, it shows that there is a physical component that can be cured by innate and natural auto-regenerating medicine.
    • I am not for stopping drugs, when a person is in pain, the first thing to do is to stop the pain and then to treat the cause.
    • I think continual treatment is not a viable long term solution, side effects unbalance other parts of the body. But no treatment should be stopped from one day to the next without follow-up.

When I will have understand the programs, the bibliothecas of the human body, the side effects, I will be able to act like a Doctor.

What is apprehended differently in Ki-Regeneration® compared to an allopathic approach

Ki-Regeneration® is based on the fact that the body knows how to be healthy, by maintaining his constituents in equilibrium, by protecting itself from aggressions and by renewing its cells, thanks to Natural and Innate Energetic and Conscious Capacities.

Care are based on the Natural and Innate Capacity of the Human Body to auto-evolve to rebalance its equilibrium, using:

  • Capacities Universal of any living body to be animated by a flow of Vital Energy, which can have three states:
    • Flux-libre: continuous perpetual and inexhaustible flow of energy that feeds the body, and constitutes the magnetism of Ki,
    • Flux-simple: copy of the Plan Universal at the sudden moment of the Conception which constitutes the BIB Universal,
    • Flux-connect: the lived ‘natural and unpredicted’ since the Conception which constitutes the BIB Individual.
  • Capacities Energetic Conscious which manages it, protects it from aggressions, regenerates it in order to maintain the equilibrium:
    • The aptitudes of regeneration, maintaining the system in equilibrium and autodidact,
    • The biological process of transition, protection, variation, equilibrium, and the human body,
    • A development where steps are united, cyclic, dynamic, and innate or unpredictable evolutions,
    • The autodidact evolution which controls the natural and the acquired.

If the body is sick, it is because:

The flow of Vital Energy and the Capacities Energetic Conscious of the Body are clogged, because the flow-connect is saturated.

The principle of care is as follows:

Use the magnetism of Ki to clean the flux-connect so that it regenerates the flow of Vital Energy and the Capacities Energetic Conscious of the Body, which will restore the Natural and Innate Capacity of the Human Body to auto-evolve to rebalance its equilibrium.
Protect the body during the regeneration,
Initiate deprogramming,
Let it go.

Amputees feel the phantom limb because the balance of the 3 bodies is upset because of:

  • The memories of the body,
  • The sensory nerves always present but they stop at the stump.
  • For me, the presence of the energetic body of the limb.

The first phalanx of a child regenerates, as well as the tail of lizards, we can regenerate amputated limbs.

  • Biology / Yin-Yang – Autodidact is used to understand the balancing of the human body as a whole thanks to the Capacities Energetic Conscious.

They are responsable of the natural and innate capacity of the human body to self-regenerate itself to stay balanced.

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