Learn to feel the colors to see the life

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The study of Near-Death experiment shows that blind people who do an NDE see shapes and intensities of light but not colors. That’s means that the physical capacity of see has been well developed, it is present, it seems that it is the capacity to “see in color” of the energetic dimension that is blocked, because the sighted people who make an NDE see in color with their energetic body.

The project showed me that all is duality Yin-Yang in the physical reality with a notion of presence/absence, which would mean that the blind do not see because the ability to « see in color » is absent. It is the sensible dimension that seems affected, the 2D sensible information of the hologram, the regulating layer between the physical body and the energetic body. The non-palpable dimension of our being, the cognition.

At the Mahatma Gandhi International School, in India, children who develop their extra-sensorial capacity are able to separate cards according to the color thanks to their hand. This means that the hands, via the extra-sensorial capacity -non-palpable- can see the colors.

If we understand how children use their extra-sensorial capacities to see colors with their hands, we could develop a method of learning the extra-sensorial ability to « see the colors » and perhaps allow the blind to find eyesight.

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