Femina Quest and the Universe Art

Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

Femina Quest is a guide-book that teaches you step by step the secrets of your feminine power, to embody who you really are on a daily basis.

Description made by the author on her website [Femina Quest by Florence Fouéré], in french.

Florence Fouéré asked me to create an Universe-Art creation to illustrate a chapter of her book.

« Nuées Bleutées d’Argent » joined the Challenge n°7 « The challenge of the Alchemist or the Transformation of Self »

« Bluish CLOUDS of Silver »

Like every creation on canvas,
it has its haiku:

Nuage Volage Voyage
Dans le firmament de l’océan.


Cloud Volatile Journey
In the firmament of the ocean

Other creations of the Universe Art are on Artmajeur website.

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