Learn to make a diagnosis and heal

Ki-Regeneration, Visit card
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The first phase of my self-study program allowed:

  1. Understanding the autodidact consciousness of the human body to stay balanced.
  • I can come and make a presentation.
  1. The practice of the magnetism of Ki to cleanse the simple flow of life energy.
  • This reduces fatigue, pain, diabetes, …
    because it removes the side effects due to imbalance in the body.
  • But it does not correct the physical problems of the organs,
    it reveals those that exist.
  1. In order to remedy this, I need to gain practical experience in medicine.

I am looking for a job as an assistant doctor in field training to learn how to perform emergency procedures, bandages, disinfections,… make a diagnosis and institute appropriate therapy.

  • When I have acquired the skills of a doctor, I undertake to continue working as a doctor in the structure that funded the post.
  • It is like putting in place an agreement as there is between hospitals and nursing school students.

I want to be a humanitarian doctor

Acquire the medical skills to treat:

People from places where material and drug resources are weak,

Take action in the case of natural disasters, human disasters like in Bhopal, wars,…

Using drugs urgently to relieve the body is essential, and
develop practices to help it regenerate,

just like we do when a bone is broken, we plaster the limb until the fracture has knitted together.

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