The Art Uni-Vers, the first step towards Ki-Regeneration®

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Immerse yourself in the heart of the Art Uni-Vers for an Assisted Self-Regeneration.
Take the creation on yours hands. Ask him « Please, Regenerate-me ».
Dialogue with the Life that animates the Imaginary Worlds.
Put all your attention. Change yours ideas.
Feel the energy regenerate your body.

I realized that the Art Uni-Vers had a gift thanks to a person who followed this invitation.

She agrees to share her experience to make known that:

« Isabelle’s art heals the soul I think so… Last week, I was going through a difficult period consecutive to a session of Etiotherapy. We had worked on memories that were part of 5 generations and that were strongly imbued in me. The days that followed, I was filled with anger and sadness at the same time. I was a little stunned.

That day I was in front of my computer working (painfully). I then remembered Isabelle’s message and her canvas, made for me… The transcription of universal love. That’s what I felt when I looked at him. I then sat in my couch, tears flowed since morning. I plunged my eyes and all my being I believe, in this painting by asking him to heal me.

After a few minutes, the tears stopped, I took a deep breath and climbed into my bathroom. I took a bath. Then I tidied up and cleaned my house.

And since that experience no tears have come back and several days have passed. I think this painting helped me through the ordeal and move on.

A big THANK YOU Isabelle, connected to the universe ».

This is why the Art Uni-Vers is a meditative art which heals:

  • Having sought to know where we come from, I can connect me to this space that I call: « The Source » -Origin of Life / Space without word; Just before we exist; Just before « the big bang ». When everything was there; Ready to begin. Without word; Without woe. The Source of Magnetism; The Source of Ki / Chi. The Source of everything.
  • The technique of colored wax and his iron. The molecules of heated wax, like all hot molecules, move, meet, create new colors and unite to reveal: The Imaginary Worlds present on the heart of « The Source » -The Space of the possibles waiting, where I am connected.
  • When you immerse yourself entirely on the creation to get into the meditative state, the request: « Please, Regenerate-me » fools the eye that sees in creation only an image to look at and the brain that seeks to understand what he sees. Then, your energetic body takes over, brings the energy of « The Source » -Space without woe- from where comes the creation, to your physical body, thanks to the flow of energy -the Ki/Chi, emanating from this same Source, and flowing through the body via meridians.

Hence the name of this art : the Art Uni-Vers.

  • Univers: as it validates our entanglement to the Universe,
  • The hyphen for the movement of Life: from the infinity of possibilities UNI (united) at one point, VERS (towards) an infinity of individuality.

Here are the artistic peculiarities that explain self-regeneration:

  • The creations from the technique with colored wax and heat are fauvism: Fauvism is a Pictorial Language of Color revealing of an inner world, Willingness to escape the illusionist system.
  • The trompe-l’œil of request allows to our energetic body, invisible and entangled to the Universe to explain himself: The perfect trompe-l’œil, which goes to the end of its logic, is whose, by an total integration to his environment, by a complete staging of the game, goes unnoticed. Sometimes, to get noticed, it provokes the attention of the spectator by an incongruous detail and Force the Awareness.
  • The impressionism we feel. The energetic body diffuses the energy of “The Source » into our body and brings back the memory of the origin: We come all from « The Source »; Impressionism is a Vision Emotional and Subjective of the World, a model of a sensibility which is based on the keepsake and the Intimate Resonance.

The Art Uni-Vers is based on the fractal and sensible hologram of physical reality -the Relative Relativity:

Interaction, between emotion and quantum information, which constitutes us -Conscience, matter, energy, Vacuum, space, time, Memories, feelings, beliefs.

He follows the quantum information -which validates our entanglement to the Universe- but does not interfere with the emotional -which means that it will not go beyond your vision of life.

It’s an inner shower of well-being which can go until the healing, if no memory, emotion, fear block the process of self-regeneration.

These blockages take root in our personal and collective history -the history of humanity. To understand them to go beyond them is the goal of Ki-Regeneration®.

Feel the energy flowing through your body by immersing into the heart of the creations present below



Orchestra Collection:


« We also exist »

Tu m’oublies je te devine,
Tu me vois je n’suis plus là.

— Obel’Isa


Symphony Collection:


« Let’s play life »

Coccinelle à tire d’aile
envie chauve-souris.

— Obel’Isa



Representation Collection:


« Bluish Clouds of Silver »

Nuage volage voyage
dans le firmament de l’océan.

— Obel’Isa

Discover other creations on the Artmajeur website:

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