The free will produces life

Anchor peace, Biological coaching

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I don’t think politics will solve climate change, coronavirus, inequality, misery, wars.

I believe that it is human dignity, the conscience put in our actions, in our choices, which will allow us to reach this.

It is in this sense that I thought of actions in order to act on a global scale, to anchor Peace on Earth and find a new balance between the natural terrestrial ecosystem and human activity.

To do this, I transposed the creative process from human biology to life:

1, I obtained a Vision of a Fraternal Earth in balance:

  • GOAL to reach: Naturally Harmonize Life of Earth thanks to fraternity,
  • Discover the interrelationships that entangle the living, and discern natural and human resources,
  • Determine what maintains whole thing in dynamic balance, and learn from the chaos that arises the essential needs,
  • Cultivate art of creativity to act collectivelly in consciousness.

2, I found elements to take into consideration to naturally harmonize life on Earth:

  • All that lives is entangled;
  • The whole is kept in balance by the immutable laws of Life,
  • They ensure that all living beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights;
  • Living beings belong to one of the five living kingdoms: Humans, Animals, Plants, Microorganisms, the earth;
  • Every kingdom has its own specificities: its nature, its needs, its instincts, its biodiversity;
  • Every being in these kingdoms makes choices and gets in return, the response to those choices from all that lives around him.
  • We are master of our choices and slave to their side effects.

I am awake that I cannot do this on my own.

The most important thing is to want to try to find solutions to the global disorders that we are going through,

The desire to connect the heart of Humanity…

Fraternally Thank You.

Balance composes, with three directions

Synchronization cycle

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To develop Ki-Regeneration®, I first sought to understand the harmonious functioning of the human body, then the flaws that cause this harmony to fall.

The third step was to understand how the human body manages to rebalance itself after a change.

To achieve this second step, I studied pathology:

It is looking for the causes and factors responsible for the symptoms, studying the lesions caused by the disease, due to the disruption of homeostasis.

This allowed me to understand how allopathic medicine heals, by acting on the « matter » component of the body, the physical reality of life.

Here is its application to evolutionize our obsolete political system towards a Fraternal Earth.

Homeostasis – Adaptation – Lesion

Homeostasis is the maintenance of cell balance when the cell is placed in physiological conditions.

Cellular adaptation allows the cell to find a new equilibrium when the cellular environment is altered, by greater physiological demands or pathological circumstances.

Cellular adaptation allows the cell to find a new equilibrium when the cellular environment is altered, by greater physiological demands or pathological circumstances.

Here are the cellular responses to aggressions:

Nature and gravity of the aggressionCellular response
Modification of physiological stimuli:Cellular adaptation:
– Increased needs, trophicity stimuli (eg: growth factors, hormones)Hyperplasia, hypertrophy
– Nutritional deficiency, decrease in stimuliAtrophy
– Chronic, chemical or physical irritationMetaplasia
Decreased oxygen supply; chemical attack; microbial infection:Cell damage:
– Acute and resolvingAcute reversible lesion
– Progressive and severe (including DNA damage)Irreversible lesion: cell death, necrosis or apoptosis
– Prolonged mild aggressionAlteration of intracellular organs
Metabolic, genetic or acquired alterationsIntracellular accumulations, calcifications
Lengthening of life with repeated sublethal attacksCellular aging

Diagnosis – Prognosis – Evaluation

The pathological anatomy approach is based on a semiological analysis that compares normal and pathological tissues.

Pathological anatomy (or pathology) requires the development of techniques:

  • Cytological (isolated cells or small cell clusters) and tissue samples;
  • Morphological study: fixation, impregnation, inclusion, staining, microscopy, histoenzymology, immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, …

The pathologist must always evolve by learning from new diagnostic methods, while maintaining precise reasoning based on morphology to establish or revise decision trees.

It is a medical discipline:

  • It studies lesions caused by or associated with diseases on organs, tissues or cells, using mainly macroscopic or microscopic techniques.
  • Lesions are signs of disease, as well as are clinical symptoms.
  • They may be the result of the aggression that triggered the disease, or of reactions that occurred during the conduct of the disease process.
  • There is not necessarily a close correlation between the extent of a lesion and its clinical or biological expression.
  • The use of national and international terminologies and classifications is recommended in order to use a systemic coding of lesions, when entering them in anatomo-pathological databases.
  • The lesions are compared with clinical, biological and imaging data recorded in databases: it is the anatomo-clinical correlation that is essential to allow a synthetic interpretation that leads to a diagnosis (certain, probable or uncertain).

The anatomo-cyto-pathological examinations are repeated during a therapeutic treatment in order to judge the disappearance, the persistence or the aggravation of the lesions.

Cell death – Necrosis – Apoptosis

Cell death is the ultimate term of a cell lesion.

There are two types of cell death, which are opposed in many ways.

Necrosis usually involves groups of cells in tissue undergoing pathogenic aggression:

  • It does not appear until several hours after cell death.
  • It is characterized by cytoplasmic hypereosinophilia, pyknosis, karyolysis or nuclear karyorrhexis.
  • It is accompanied by an inflammatory reaction.

Apoptosis is « programmed cell death »:

  • It is most often a mechanism of cellular « suicide » essential for the development, maturation, and normal renewal of tissues.
  • It can occur under physiological conditions (eg destruction of auto-reactive T lymphocytes during the development of autoimmunity) or under pathological circumstances (eg transplant rejection).
  • It affects isolated cells.
  • It is characterized by cell fragmentation into apoptotic bodies.
  • It is not accompanied by an inflammatory reaction.

The three universal balancing programs

To maintain the integrity of the human body, each cell switches in one or the other of these three possibilities:
– The « Homeostasis » program which maintains balance,
– The « Adaptation » program which finds a new balance following environmental changes,
– The « Apoptosis » program that frees up space.

To live a change in harmony, you need to:

1, Define a road map:

  • It contains the goal to be reached and the path to get there.
  • For a change to be operational, we must know where we want to go, and have an idea of ​​the means to deploy.
  • I plan what I need to do to reach my goal.

2, Check that we are on the right path, because doubt, the unforeseen, disaster, fear, … can cause us to deviate:

For this step, I use an universal balancing program

  • If all goes well,
    – The « Homeostasis » program tells me to stay the course,
    I continue to follow my plan.
  • Unexpected or negative feelings arise,
    – The « Adaptation » program tells me to find a new arrangement, using my skills, by training myself, by associating with someone, by creating new tools, …
    I review my plan by modifying elements,
  • Nothing goes,
    – The « Apoptosis » program tells me to free up space to broaden my vision,
    I stop doing what I have planned, I step back to observe the situation with detachment, I meditate and I give myself time to reflect.

Let us connect the fraternal human imagination, in order to relate all the points relating to earthly life – humans, animals, plants, Earth – and human dignity – peace, love, harmony, respect – and use the universal balancing programs to create a path that will lead to a Fraternal Earth.

Bibliographic reference:
– The information on the pathology is taken from the book « Pathologie générale, Enseignement thématique – Biopathologie tissulaire », Collège Français des Pathologistes, Edition Elsevier Masson, 2012 (in french).

Harmony disappears, with false dualities

Biological coaching, Exchanges cycle

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The first step to develop Ki-Regeneration® was to understand the harmonious functioning of the human body..

The second step was to understand, why sometimes this harmony breaks down and causes ailments to appear.

To achieve this second step, I studied naturopathy:

It is a pedagogy that teaches and empowers health capital. It looks for the causes that allowed the disease to appear and proposes a program so that the body regains its natural capacity to self-regenerate thanks to vital energy.

It helped me understand the mechanism of disharmony that can arise in the natural perfection of human biology, which will lead to ailments and diseases.

Here is its application to evolutionize our obsolete political system towards a Fraternal Earth.


It is the deciphering of the symptoms to find the root cause of an illness, of an imbalance, of a disturbance.

  • The body is meant to protect itself and to fight against external attacks, if disease or an imbalance occurs, it has let something passed.
  • The body is endowed with the power of self-healing: it is always looking for a way to return to a harmonious balance.
  • If misery, violence, inequalities exist on Earth, it is because we allow non-universal laws to pass in our societies.


It is a philosophical foundation based on the existence of a vital energy in every living organism, which is the seat of health and the support of all the physiological mechanisms of the body.

This energy has its origin in spirituality:

  • It can be called differently depending on the culture: « Prana » in India, « Qi or Chi » in China, « Ki » in Japan,…
  • It is the basis of ancestral therapeutic and spiritual practices: the meridians in acupuncture, the chakras, …
  • It is in direct link to the Universal Master Plan from which originate universal laws relating to Earth and to Life.

Duality is the natural state of all realities [1]

A duality based on the principle of the Yin-Yang duality of the Universe explained by Wes Johnson [2] :

  • Everything as part of a single energy flow continuum constantly fluctuating between two extremes.
  • The two are needed to create each other to balance the one in harmonic interplay.
  • Yin and yang are be considered the same thing in the opposite way.
  • Yin can be considered an absence of yang, and vice versa.
  • The physical reality of Terrestrial Life is a duality between the information entered in the Universal Master Plan and that registered in the Terrestrial Master Plan.

False dualities

For a duality to be Universal, each of the components must
– Be present in both Master Plans,
– Have an individual physical reality,
– Being able to interact together.

Here are some universal dualities that meet these criteria:

  • Yin and Yang.
  • The Masculine and The Feminine.
  • Shadow and Light.
  • The Individual and the Collective.
  • Life and Death. Death having an individual physical reality characterized by the arrest of the heartbeat, the brain and the departure of the soul.

These dualities bring Life.

Here are two associations that we tend to think of as duality, and that require reflection:

Love and Hatred

  • When a person is carried by Love, for her husband, her lover, her child, her job,… she will always have attention for the other. This will translate into creative action for a « better » life, a positive thought for others to stay together. Love is the bearer of common life.
  • When a person is carried by Hatred, his goal will be to destroy the other. Which is not in keeping with « better » living, and even less with living together. There is no interaction with love. Hatred is a lack of love, not a complementary way of experiencing love.

Peace and War

  • In times of peace, people develop their professional activity, go on vacation, benefit from their family, their friends,… Peace makes it possible to be alive.
  • In times of war, people must defend themselves, find food, check at all times that their families are safe,…. War is a lack of peace and not another way of life complementary to peace.

In a Fraternal World, let us not let War and Hatred pass. Let’s look for solutions by experiencing the joy of living together.

Bibliographic references:
[1] : Isabelle Bourgait, 2020 not published, « What defines a Humn Being ». Link to the article.
[2] : W. Johnson, Yin Yang Universe, Physics Essays Online, Nov 30, 2010, Vol 23, pp 641 – 651.

Once upon a time, the Life on Earth

Biological coaching, Delimitation cycle

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To apply « Biological Coaching », you need to know the functional architecture of the system that we want to harmonize.

To evolutionize our obsolete political system towards a Fraternal Humanity, the system to be harmonized is: Life on Earth.

Determining the functional architecture to be harmonized amounts to defining the elements necessary for Life on Earth:

  • It is not the chronological history that is important.
  • We don’t need to know who appeared first.
  • There is no point in going into details.
  • It is the most global vision of the interactions responsible for terrestrial life that matters.

The physical reality of Terrestrial Life:
The goal to reach, the universal support, the master plans,
the actors

If we don’t know where we want to go, no matter where we are, we won’t get to our destination.

  • This is why it is important to start by defining the goal to reach. The goal to reach is the harmony of terrestrial life.
  • Without Earth, no terrestrial life. Earth is the universal support for terrestrial life.
  • Terrestrial life began when life took place on Earth.
    – Earth already existed.
    – If life disappeared from the surface of the Earth, the Earth would not disappear either.
    – The Earth navigates in the solar system independently of terrestrial life.
    There is a « Universal Master Plan » from which originate universal laws relating to Earth and Life.
  • When something happens in one part of the globe, it can have repercussions in another part of the globe.
    – If Earth were to disappear, life on Earth would also disappear.
    – Not all planets in the solar system have the same life form as on Earth.
    There is a « Terrestrial Master Plan » from which originate the universal laws specific to terrestrial life.

It is necessary to recognize the “principal” actors of the present history and to determine their connection with the master plans.

  • Natural and diverse ecosystems populate the Earth.
    They are made up of plants, animals and a particular climate.
    Its ecosystems come from the Universal Master Plan.
  • Ecosystems can be changed by human activity.
    This means that humans can shape ecosystems not present in the Universal Master Plan.
    They will be registered only in the Terrestrial Master Plan.

Life comes alive thanks to « closed spaces »

« Closed spaces » are the primary blocks that interact together, consciously or unconsciously, to create the physical reality of terrestrial life.

On a global level:

  • All the elements of an « closed space » are of the same nature;
  • They have identical universal properties;
  • The harmony of all the terrestrial life lies in the synchronization of the different « closed spaces ».
  • The information is included in the Universal Master Plan. They are immutable.

At the individual level:

  • Each element of an « closed space » presents a specific and unique diversity in its physical apparance and its emotional.
  • The means of communication (exchanges) between the elements of the same « closed space » are different from the means of communication from one « closed space » to another.
  • The information is entered in the Terrestrial Master Plan. They evolve with the history of humanity and the universal knowledge we acquire.

The “closed spaces” of the Terrestrial Master Plan

Natural ecosystems give the Earth its particularity compared to other planets.

Three distinct elements come into play in the specificity of a natural ecosystem: animals, plants, climate.

  • The climate is not a « closed space » as it is also dependent on its position on Earth -for example the heat of the sun will depend on latitude and longitude and will influence vegetation- and human activity.
  • Animals and plants are two distinct « closed spaces » because they have an existence of their own, they are of a different nature, with a big difference in mobility since animals can move freely, while plants are immobile or carried by currents (wind or sea) or living beings.
  • Animals and plants closed spaces cannot change the ecosystem in which they are found through their activity. They follow what is written in the Universal Master Plan.

The human being is an Ecosystem Creator.

  • This is the third « closed space ».
  • It is distinct from « plant closed space » because it is of a different nature.
  • Although part of the same living kingdom as animals, he is distinct from « animal closed space » because he can change the ecosystem where he is in through his activity, which animals cannot.

What is immutable and What is terrestrial

The environment is the duality between
– The Universal Master Plan which contains the immutable laws of Life,
– The Terrestrial Master Plan which contains terrestrial laws.

  • The Earth is the support of terrestrial life. It is animated by the Universal Master Plan.
  • Animals and plants are in direct link to the Universal Master Plan. They are animated by instinct.
  • Human beings are in direct link to the Universal Master Plan in which they cannot change anything, and in relation with the Terrestrial Master Plan in which they can add « their composition ». They are animated by Creativity.
  • The Universal Master Plan is the conductor. It is animated by Harmony.

The consequence of this duality is that at each human action, the Universal Master Plan automatically acts on the Terrestrial Master Plan to maintain harmony, and this retro-action we cannot do anything about that. It is independent of our will and our initial purpose. It is natural. It follows cosmic laws.

While it is true that we are creator of ecosystems, we are not creator of « natural ecosystems », we sow there the needs and/or the desires which gave them life.

The biology conscious, the balance of peace

Backbone cycle

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when we have a dialogue with someone and we disagree, if everyone has a different outlook on life without being aware of this difference in perspective, it will create a feeling of danger. We are no longer in a share of opinions, there is an unconscious amalgamation between our person and our thoughts, and it is as if the person is questioning our own identity. In music, silences create melody, in dialogue, listening gives meaning to exchanges; The waltz of opposites offers the opportunity for life to exist.

Take care of your body so that your soul wants to stay there.
Indian proverb

Analysis of articles on the functioning of the human body, of the biological cycle « synchronization »:

Structured and flexible

With consciousness, life was able to observe itself,
reflect and create its own future.
« Spontaneous evolution » by Bruce LIPTON and Steve BHAERMAN

Whatever field or function we are studying in biological synchronization, we can classify the elements involved in it, in three different categories:

  • A self-reactive backbone, which has within it the functions necessary to preserve its own survival;
  • The duality, which guarantees the backbone to find a new internal balance when the environment changes, since it allows the realization of contrary actions;
  • A collective environment, which offers the backbones a multitude of possibilities to recharge their batteries or to let go of their excess.

Functions to answer the unknown

It’s not about preparing for a better future,
but to live the present differently.
François PARTANT

The synchronization structure, « self-reactive backbone – duality – collective environment », offers an optimal organization to the human body to balance. It carries out dynamic or specific adjustments in response to the needs of the moment.

  • Daily regulation: during the day, depending on our activity, the body’s needs vary, the kidneys are able to reabsorb important electrolytes, organic molecules, vitamins, water and excrete metabolite waste, chemical molecules, drugs, to maintain the homeostasis of the body -hold / let go;
  • Cyclical events, with a predefined ‘yes / no’ response: every month, with each ovulation, the ovum may or may not be fertilized, depending on the positive or negative response, the ovaries will not synthesize the same hormones and the rest of the body will see its functioning evolved according to the response – wait / act;
  • Planned, involuntary events: without intervention of our will, puberty, menopause, andropause, punctuate our lives by modifying the biological cycles of the human body, thanks to the well-regulated activity of hormones -communicate / integrate / regulate.

Free will as a choice

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism
or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
Martin Luther KING

Duality is at the heart of the body’s synchronization, and despite conflicting solutions, it manages to maintain a balance that keeps it healthy. As if there was a universal master plan that contained the path to follow so as not to get lost.

We operate in a diverse and varied collective environment, and duality means that for the same stimuli, contrary actions can be used.

If we followed the universal master plan that allows the body not to get lost in the twists and turns of biological functions, we could find solutions to correct the inconsistencies in our world. The one presented by Victor HUGO in « This flowing blood, it is yours », seems to meet these specifications:

  • The republic, it is the union, the unity, the harmony, the light,
  • work creating the well-being,
  • suppression of the conflict man to man and nation to nation,
  • the end of inhumane farms,
  • the abolition of the law of death,
  • and the establishment of the law of life.

Let’s use the innate balance present in the search of the biological model to elevate our collective consciousness:

Utopia is the truth of tomorrow.
Victor HUGO

The self-reactive backbone: it is our actions, our work, our hobbies, our choices, which will define who we are -the human being;
Duality: these are the relationship between family / profession, between what we consume / produce, between leisure / work -life in society;
The collective environment: it is the balance between our needs / what the Earth can produce -the world.
Consciousness of free will: proposed by Victor HUGO in « This blood that flows, it’s yours » for a bright future:

« The establishment of the law of life »

The biology of regeneration, the beauty of harmony

Backbone cycle

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Our social, educational, economic system is not fair, it teaches us to hate difference to divide us, to take what can be given, to exploit the flaws of the system to be able to manage it, and thread by needle we do the same with the others. In order not to get lost, we hide our heart behind a wall, and gently, we close ourselves to the Brotherhood, to Love, to Life. Fraternity is the natural state of the human being, it only asks to express itself in order to know the joy of common happiness.

Nobody is the solution to the common happiness.
The common happiness is the solution for everyone.

Analysis of articles on the functioning of the human body, of the biological cycle « exchanges »:

Everyone has his place

An orchestra is a world.
Each comes with a different instrument and talent.
We meet for a concert to play together in the hope of producing a magical sound, reaching the ultimate harmony.
« The Concert » by Radu MIHAILEANU

Whatever field or function we are studying in biological exchanges, we can classify the elements involved in it, in three different categories:

  • An internal backbone, an organ, a viscus, a cell … which corresponds to a defined space containing particular environmental conditions to fulfill a function;
  • Needs, to function and fulfill its function, the backbone will need nutrients, and reject its waste;
  • An external environment, which will supply nutrients to the backbone, and take up waste.

Functions to meet needs

Beauty is where a soul dances in a body,
Where the Spirit makes its way through matter.

The exchanges structure, « interior backbone – needs – external environment », offers an optimal organization to the human body to regenerate. But, it must be taken into account that the external environment can also contain undesirable elements, and that the management waste requires more treatment than nutritional intake.

  • Major Histocompatibility Complex: it is present on the surface of all nucleated cells so that the cells involved in immune defense are able to distinguish specific cells from the body and foreign cells – self-knowledge;
  • The veins represent 64% of the circulatory system: they transport oxygen-poor and carbon-rich blood from organs to the heart: -responsiveness;
  • The digestive tract measures approximately 10 meters from the mouth to the anal canal: during embryonic development, it develops from the primitive intestine by a series of delimitation, proliferation, rotation, plication events, to meet the spatial constraints of the embryo -adaptability.

Dualiti is evolution

It’s a bit like that, dance, this possibility of establishing a really deep contact
with all races, all cultures, all languages.
Maurice BEJART

Even if at first glance, the exterior may seem to bring disadvantages to the backbone, these constraints take it to acquire an interior solidity. As if there existed behind duality, an invisible objective of bringing together the extremes.

Here are some points raised by Nelson MANDELA in « Long walk to freedom », which seem to give some examples of this duality that life has chosen to harmonize exchanges:

  • I always knew that deep down in every human heart there was mercy and compassion.
  • Even in the grimmest of times in prison… I would see a glimmer of humanity in one of the guards, perhaps just for one second, but it was enough to reassure me and keep me going.
  • Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.
  • A man who takes away another man’s freedom is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness.
  • To liberate the oppressed and the oppressor both.
  • The truth is that we are not yet free; We have merely achieved the freedom to be free, the right not to be oppressed.

Let’s use the natural harmony of the biological model to leaving life in Peace:

We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashingnew worlds are born. Today I know That is Life!

The internal backbone: these are our qualities, our faults, our passions, what makes us a being different from others -the individual;
The needs: the living conditions necessary to live humanely while respecting inalienable rights -individual life, individual commitment to life;
The external environment: countries, animals, the Earth, the Universe -collective life, citizen commitment to the world.
Duality as inner support: that proposed by Nelson MANDELA in « Long walk to freedom » seems very honorable:

  • People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
  • I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else’s freedom, just as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me.
  • To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains; but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

Political biology, the power of information

Backbone cycle

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Since the depths of time, we have been putting in place political systems, with rules, laws, duties, rights. We try to separate good from evil, to define what everyone must do and be to live together on Earth. So far, these attempts always end up bringing out imbalances, inequalities, injustices. Realizing that the only important duty to accomplish on Earth is to live, could allow us to evolve from a policy of external control towards a policy of common internal happiness.

Every human being is a musician playing the score
« Living Humanly and Fraternally on Earth »;
Politics is the conductor.

Analysis of articles on the functioning of the human body, of the previous biological cycle « delimitation »:

An elementary fractal structure

Randomly, it is God who is walking incognito.
God does not play dice.
« Einstein, stop telling God what to do. »
Niels BOHR

Whatever field or function we are studying in human biology, we can classify the elements involved in it, in three different categories:

  • A physical backbone, which performs the actions;
  • A delimitation of space, in order to obtain specific environmental conditions for the performance of particular functions necessary for carrying out the actions;
  • An exchange structure, which creates links between the demarcated specialized spaces, in order to transmit the signals which will trigger, regulate or stop the actions.

The complexity at the service of animation

Know thyself,
is only possible through the eyes of the other.
Socrate – « Cloud Atlas »

Whatever the function, the part of the human body, which we study in biology, we see that the basic structure, « physical backbone – delimitation – exchange structure« , allows a plasticity which will offer a very great diversity of elements , in order to perform a function to achieve a goal.

Take the example of human anatomy:

  • A physical backbone: the bone skeleton. The bones are all made up of bone connective tissue, which gives dynamism and rigidity -a single element of the same nature which must move the body -desired objective;
  • A delimitation of space: all the bones have a different morphology -a defined physical space– which allows them to communicate information -competence;
  • An exchange structure: the joints -structure that connects two bones- pass information of movement or immobility, from one bone to another, they animate the skeleton -function.

A goal to reach

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb,
we are bound to others past and present,
and by each crime and every kindness we birth our future.
« Cloud Atlas » by Lana WACHOWSKI, Tom TYKWER, Lilly WACHOWSKI

In the human body, there is no competition between the different elements that compose it. They are made for the well being of the whole organism, in order to give it life.

Here are some points raised by Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY in « letter to an hostage », which seem to give indications on the goal that life has chosen for a human being:

  • Prosperity and comfort would not be sufficient to satisfy us.
  • Order for order’s sake deprives man of his essential power which is to transform the world and himself.
  • We acknowledge, as ours precisely, those who differ from us.
  • Problems are incoherent, solutions contradictory.
  • If he acts only for the sake of acting, he will get nowhere.

Let’s use the biological model to create a Symphonic Democracy:

Utopia is not the unrealizable, but the unrealized.
Théodore MONOD

A backbone: each individual with his natural, universal, inalienable right to live humanely -human being;
A delimitation: any group of people sharing identical points of view on specificities of life -countries, religions, associations;
Exchanges: sharing, words, work, hobbies, the links we can make with associations, people, art -the world.
A goal to reach: that proposed by Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY in « letter to an hostage » seems very honorable:

  • Respect for man! Respect for man!…
  • If respect for man is founded within the hearts of men, men will eventually found in return the social, political and economic system which will consecrate this respect.
  • A civilisation is first founded in its substance.
  • It is first, for man, a blind desire for a certain warmth.
  • Therefore man, from one mistake to another, finds his way to the fire.