The laws of nature

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It is said that before entering the sea, a river trembles with fear.

She looks back at the path she has traveled, from the peaks of the mountains, the long winding road crossing forests and villages.

And in front of her, she sees an ocean so vast, that to enter there seems nothing more than to disappear forever.

But there is no other way. The river can not go back.

Nobody can go back. To go back is impossible in existence.

The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean because only then will fear disappear, because that’s where the river will know it’s not about disappearing into the ocean, but of becoming the ocean.

« The Prophet » by Khalil GIBRAN

2022, Let the show begin

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The informations of 2022

Biocentrism, the third representation of the world

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Since antiquity scientists have tried to understand and model the movement of the stars.

Until today, two major theories have followed one another.


In ancient time, first representation of the world: Geocentrism

  • Greek root: geo « Earth »,
  • Principle: The Earth is motionless at the center of the Universe, the changes (of seasons, day and night) come from movement outside the Earth.

Late 16th century, second representation of the world: Heliocentrism

  • Greek root: helios « Sun »,
  • Principle: The sun is motionless at the center of the Universe, all the spheres, including the Earth revolves around the sun, the Earth rotates on itself along a north/south axis.

Today, we know that the sun is not stationary, it revolves around our galaxy, the Milky Way, at 900 000 km/h.

  • It takes 250 million years to go around, it’s a galactic year.
  • Our galaxy is moving at over 2 millions km/h.
  • Currently it is said that it is not orbiting around anything but heading towards the Andromeda galaxy, and the 2 galaxies will meet in 4 billion years.


21th century, I propose a third representation of the world: Biocentrism

  • Greek root: bios « Life »,
  • Principle: The existence of Life is motionless at the center of the Universe, everything revolves around its origin, that I name the Source of Life. For everything to come alive, it took a triggering event that breathed life into existence, the Breath of Life.
  • Based on the Big Bang model: From the primordial Universe to the expansion of the Universe,
  • with the 4 universal forces: strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force and gravity force,
  • the 5 elements « Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water »,
  • the 2 continuous movements of different nature: a Inner rotational movement centred on the Source of Life, an external linear movement from birth to death,
  • the natural duality: of a Yin-Yang nature for balance or a hedonic-eudemonic vision for well-being.
  • Question in suspense: What gave life to the Breath of Life? Is there a 5th universal force? a 6th element? a 3rd movement? a particularity of duality? to add to the model. Or is it free will? an unquantifiable, unpredictable constituent, which can only be explained after having been experienced.
  • The 5th constituent of the model: the impalpable factor, we cannot model it, but we must keep in mind that it exists, it may take on a value if an answer is found to the question in suspense but we must not forget it.


Any Individual thing that has a mass and moves, is subject to the 4 forces and the 2 movements, is balanced around the 5 elements thanks to the duality, and undergoes the action of the impalpable factor which allows the expansion and the entanglement of the Whole of what lives.

  • This allows the planets, the stars,… to interact while remaining at a good distance so as not to meet, or to meet in infinite time.
  • This could allow us to see a spiritual world appear on Earth, healing inequality, violence, war, to overcome climate change: Let’s develop Biocentrism, let’s put Existence at the center of our preoccupations.

2021, The adjustment

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The informations of 2021

The principle of cares in Ki-Regeneration®

The regeneration of amputated limbs

Ki-Regeneration® is a Medicine

Dear Santa,

2020, The year of concretization

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Publications of 2020

Ki-Regeneration® is a Medicine

Dear Santa,

Articles of application of Ki-Regeneration® to create a Fraternal Environment


Opening of the website of the Movement of Fraternal Humanity

  • For the transition from individual Peace -Source of the Health-
    to collective Peace -The harmony with the world-


The site was closed in February 2023.
For any request, send an email to

Articles from my research project


Interview in issue 6 of the web journal Femina Quest -The Self Quest in Feminine


I am, duality Passion / Profession Personalized

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Two years ago, I wrote the research project to study the physical reality of the human body in order to develop an innate self-regeneration program that can go as far as regenerating amputated limbs, but I did not find research laboratory to fund it.

In early March 2020, containment arrived and I began to study human anatomy on my own.

As I studied, I found elements to validate my hypothesis of the possible regeneration of the amputated limbs. And which took me even further. Why not cure illnesses like a doctor?

At the same time, I developed a site for the Movement of Fraternal Humanity to anchor Peace on Earth. I have used the perfect balance of the human body to find solutions to improve our world. I started to develop « Biological Coaching The Life on Earth ».

And then, the duality appeared in me:

  1. Spend all my time uniting people from all over the world to anchor Peace on Earth. Together think about solutions to manage climate change, to free oneself from war, misery, violence, the inconsistency of our lifestyles?
  2. Spending all my time continuing to study human anatomy, human pathology in order to discover the causes that sometimes make the human body to lose control of its balance, and let things go that make it sick. Develop Ki-Regeneration until become a Doctor of medicine based on the bosy’s natural and innate capacities to stay healthy?

What is the most important?
Which is the one where I will be most useful?
Can I do both?

Who am I ?

These two paths resonate deep within me. How to choose?

  • For the first one, I need the others. Alone, I cannot accomplish planetary actions. If you also dream of a Fraternal World, go to the web page which summarizes the Movement of Fraternal Humanity, and suggests individual actions to be carried out for a planetary effect: free will produces life.
  • For the second, I need to find funding to study the human body full time. As well as the greatest proof of love that I can give myself to overcome the refusal to live that I imprinted in my cells during my embryonic development. This duality of a refusal / a desire which makes me have the capacity to find the universal causes which disturb the physical balance of the human body, and to heal people by removing these causes in order to allow them to regain the health of a balanced body.

The Movement of Fraternal Humanity is my passion,

I want to become a Doctor of Ki-Regeneration®

2019, Life is in perpetual evolution

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The advances of 2019


The Astro-Physics Shamanism: The proof that we have in us, the negative of our body, as traditional Chinese medicine says.


The Imaginary Worlds with the potential for self-regeneration: The Art Uni-Vers and the Art-Universe are one, because the energy of creativity and the Ki/Chi flowing through our meridians, came from the same Source.


Sensibility as expression of duality: First answer to the question « What defines a human being? ».


A fractal and sensible hologram model to describe all physical reality: The link between the constituents of the hologram and the physical reality of our world exists.


The description of the 5 themes of the site: The redesign of the site to follow the line of the project.

The Astro-Physics Shamanism

Ki-Regeneration, Physical reality
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Taking into account the first results obtained from my research project (see the article on sensitivity as an expression of duality) we can say that at least five dimensions animate a human being:

  • A matter dimension: the body that serves as a “vehicle” in the physical reality of our World. It is visible, will speak, see,… and learn;
  • An energy dimension that makes actions. It is it who memorizes, feels, watch,… which animates the body;
  • A sensible dimension: non-palpable, sacred like heartbeat, emotion: colors, touch, feelings,… It makes us alive, standing, conscious of “Life” and regulates it;
  • A universal-innate dimension which contains the universal laws, as well the mechanisms of functioning of the body, as the gravitational laws, quantum,… which govern the universe, the biology, the chemistry, …. It is identical for all human beings. It does not require any learning. It is relative, quantum, cosmic, inscribed in each electron;
  • A lived-acquired dimension that collects together the history of human beings since the time immemorial thanks to the transmission of generations. It contains the data that we all share, all in our language: colors, objects, numbers,…; But also the differences specific to the cultures, the families, the alphabet used, … that is to say relating to a group of people sharing the same collective experience. It contains truths and errors: up to the false certainties and the true beliefs.

Three dimensions are immutable:

  • The matter and energy dimensions give rise to all physical reality, endowed at the same time with a dense/matter existence delimited in space, and fluid/energy movement evolving in time: such as light, wave – particle duality;
  • The universal-innate dimension determines the specific characteristics of each species: human beings, plants, animals, minerals, planets,… by fixing the rules of entanglement of the matter and energy dimensions: the field between the two.

Human being is like a double helix of two visible complementary realities -energy and matter- with a non palpable reality -sensible- in the opposite way:

During NDE, heart failure dissociates the two dimensions -energy and matter- of the individual rendering his body matter inanimate, whereas the energy body is conscious because entangled with the sensible dimension. All physical reality being a duality energy/matter conscious, the matter-innate of the universal dimension, is put in duality with the energy-conscious body of the individual. The universal dimension containing the information of the functioning of a human body, the blind person who makes an NDE, sees for the first time in his life.

During denial of pregnancy, the association of the two dimensions -energy and matter- of the child does not take place, which renders his energy body inoperative, so that the duality of physical reality is done with the energy-innate of the universal dimension. This one contains the « plan of making a human body », that’s what allows the formation of organs and all the development of the child, until delivery.

The self-regenerative medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine says that we have the negative of our body present in us: it is the universal-innate dimension.

The universal-innate dimension contains the « plan of making a human body and his functioning », that’s why, we can regenerate an amputated member, by retrieving the information inscribed in the matter-energy-innate of this dimension to regenerate the physical body of a person, as the lizards know how to do it.

The Earth is a living physical reality, there must be at the level of the universal dimension, the information matter-energy-innate, which explains the formation of the water or the why it does not rain any more, and we will be able to use its information to make raining again in Africa, like the dance of the rain.

Since all physical reality is a duality energy / matter conscious, it must be inscribed at the level of the universal-innate dimension or of the lived-acquired dimension, the information on the construction of a house, since it becomes an individual physical reality, and we can go get his information to rebuild it, since the equations of quantum physics are true in both directions.

Sensibility as expression of duality

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A Near-Death Cases (NDE) describes in the article of Pereira and Reddy « Near-Death Cases Desegregating Non-Locality/Disembodiment via Quantum Mediated Consciousness: An Extended Version of the Cell-Soul Pathway »  has attired my attention:

“The experiment of a woman who has been blind from birth and after an accident her heart stopped rendering her clinically dead approximately 4 minutes. At that very moment she felt her back against the ceiling and she kept looking at everything that was happening on the hospital table. She could see for the first time in her life. She can see her finger, ring, her body lay on the operation table but she could not differentiate the colors, she considered them like different intensities of light. She survived and returned to her world of darkness.”

Experience shows our multidimensionality:

  • One “matter dimension” follows the law of gravity: Her body is on the table.
  • One “energy dimension” follows the complementary of the law of gravity: she felt her back against the ceiling.
  • During the NDE, we are clinically dead, the dimensions “matter” and “energy” are autonomous: We are two complementary bodies;
  • If we are alive, a “dual-dimension” intricates the two dimensions “matter” and “energy”: We are an animated body.

Some abilities differ depending on the state of entanglement of the two dimensions:

  • The capacity “to see” is blocked in the “dual-dimension”: she is blind, and becomes active in the “energy body” during the NDE: she can see for the first time without any learning.
  • The capacity “to see in colors” seems to require, color learning with eyes in the “dual-dimension” to be used by the “energy body”: sighed people who do a NDE, see in color. The capacity -to see in color- requires learning. It is not inborn.
  • The “energy dimension” does not allow self-learning: when she wakes up she was blind again, but allows memorization: she remembers her experiment.
  • The capacity “stand tall” is possible only in the “dual-dimension”.

Duality is the natural state of all realities

The duality is based on the principle of the Yin-Yang duality of the universe explained by Wes Johnson in his article « Yin Yang Universe » :

Everything as part of a single energy flow continuum constantly fluctuating between two extremes

  • The sensible dimension -the heartbeat, regulates the entanglement of the two extremes, it is the energy flow;
  • The matter dimension is one extreme;
  • The energy dimension is the other extreme.

The two are needed to create each other to balance the one in harmonic interplay

  • During the NDE, the dimensions are dissociated, preventing all interactions: she sees her body on the table, she feels her back against the ceiling;
  • When we are alive, the two dimensions are intricate, creating an animated body: we speak, we learn,… interacting with our environment.

Yin and yang are be considered the same thing in the opposite way

  • The matter dimension: her body lying on the table, dense, visible;
  • The energy dimension: her body back to the ceiling, light, invisible.

Yin can be considered an absence of yang, and vice versa

  • The matter dimension: it is the matter body without the energy body;
  • The energy dimension: it is the energy body without the matter body.

Each living being consists of two complementary dimensions matter and energy and a sensitive dimension, binding and regulating, thanks to a perpetual return between the two dimensions.

The human being is emotional

To understand the nature of the sensible dimension, I studied the denial of pregnancy.

Women in denial of pregnancy “block physical visibility” of the baby, but his body is growing like scan shows.

“I met two women who had a denial of pregnancy. They both had children, and did not want to have others at that time. Both returned home after scan, with the flat belly. They were about 6 months pregnant. For one of them, the belly is rounded instantly when she realized that she had only 3 months to prepare for the arrival of the child; for the second it took a week. In the press, I have read that the belly of some women rounds up when they see the scan, others only become aware at delivery, and some will never become aware.”

In the denial of pregnancy, the woman must « see » the physical presence of the baby, accept it and change her emotional thinking, become a mother, so that the body of the baby takes its place and become visible.

Without the mother’s emotional and voluntary acceptance, the baby’s body grows invisible until delivery, which will eventually occur whether or not the awareness has been realized. The body of the woman is independent of the function of being a mother.

What defines a human being?

During NDE, heart failure dissociates the dual-dimension -energy and matter- making the body inanimate.

It seems that the denial of pregnancy prevents the association of the two dimensions “matter and energy” of the child and puts his body in a inanimate material reality because devoid of the energy dimension, but living with a heart that beats thanks to the sensitive dimension”, allowing the body to grow up »straight like a statue » and not in a fetal position like a baby.

  • If the sensible dimension is only entangled with the energy dimension, as in the NDE: the physical body is inanimate, while the energy body is in motion, conscious of the experience, invisible because without matter;
  • If the sensible dimension is entangled only with the dimension of matter, as in the denial of pregnancy: the physical body grows, but it is devoid of movement, invisible because motionless;
  • If the three dimensions are intricate: we are an animated body, conscious, visible.

This sensible dimension is the heart of our humanity. It operates through the emotions creating in us an emotional, conscious, human dimension that can interact with matter and energy.

2018, Thought comes alive

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2018, Launch of the project of Ki-Regeneration


The development of Ki-Regeneration®


Validation thanks to the Art Uni-Vers,
the first step towards Ki-Regeneration®


The Art Uni-Vers in practice

Spring, The project brings into life

They joined the Center of Ki-Regeneration®.

The Garden of Arts and Jeannette Dubouilh give their consent to be published

« Movement – Harmony – Light »

Summer, The project progresses


Addition of the menu with the publications for « the awakening of the Heart of Humanity »

 The site becomes multi-language – Tracking of steps is accessible

Autumn, The project of research in action


The Relativity is Relative,
more and more in depth and height to complete the spiral of knowledge


A fractal and sensible hologram model to describe all physical reality,
first popularization


The project of research, describe the physical reality which animates us to naturally regenerate life

Winter, The project offers new applications


If learning to see colors with extra-sensorial ability,

it gave the eyesight to the blind