2018, La pensée prend vie

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2018, Lancement du projet de Ki-Regeneration



Le développement de la Ki-Regeneration®







Validation grâce à l’Art Uni-Vers,
le premier pas vers la Ki-Regeneration®






L’Art Uni-Vers, en pratique


Printemps, Le projet prend vie



Elles ont rejoint le Centre de Ki-Regeneration®







Le Jardin des Arts et Jeannette Dubouilh donnent leur accord pour être publiés

« Mouvement – Harmonie – Lumière »



Eté, Le projet progresse


Ajout du menu Planet-Human.org avec les publications pour « l’éveil du Cœur de l’Humanité »


CireTransparence 6

L’Art Uni-Vers sur verre


Le site est multi-langue – Le suivi des étapes est accessible





Automne, Le projet de recherche en action



La Relativité est Relative,

de plus en plus en profondeur et en hauteur pour boucler la spirale de la connaissance




Un hologramme fractal et sensible comme modèle pour décrire toute réalité physique,

première vulgarisation





Le projet de recherche

décrire la réalité physique qui nous anime pour régénérer naturellement la vie




Hiver, Le projet offre de nouvelles applications



Si apprendre à voir les couleurs avec ses capacités extra-sensorielles,

rendait la vue aux aveugles



The site becomes multi-language – Tracking of steps is accessible

Carte de Visite
Version française

The site is accessible in english

The menu « in english » contains translation of the page « Bienvenu » in english.

At the top of each page, there’s a link to change the language.

Other languages will be add later with the same principle.



Track progress step by step

The « Les Etapes » menu begins with a clickable image to go to one of the 5 themes of the project.

Then come the articles relating the progress of the project, for the current year, displayed in chronological order of the seasons.

When a year will be finished, a link to the articles of the year will be add just after the access of the 5 themes.


Le site est multilingue – Le suivi des étapes est accessible

Carte de Visite
English version

Le site est accessible en anglais

Le menu « in english » contient la traduction de la page « Bienvenu » en anglais.

En haut de chaque page, il y a un lien pour changer de langue.

D’autres langues seront ajoutées ultérieurement suivant le même principe.


Suivi de la progression étape par étape

Le menu « Les Etapes » commence par une image cliquable pour aller sur l’un des 5 thèmes du projet.

Ensuite viennent les articles relatant l’avancement du projet, pour l’année en cours, affichés par ordre chronologique des saisons.

Lorsqu’une année est terminée, un lien vers les articles de cette année sera ajouté juste après l’accès aux 5 thèmes.


Heal thanks to the conscious properties of matter

Art-Univers, Carte de Visite
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The publications of 2021

The principle of cares in Ki-Regeneration®

The regeneration of amputated limbs

Ki-Regeneration® is a Medicine

Dear Santa,


The Relativity is Relative

Carte de Visite, Réalité Physique
Version française

A few years ago, I tried to understand what Einstein’s Relativity was. I knew that the discovery had turned physics upside down, but I was unable to really know what that meant.

This took me to the bottom of the structure of the chemical elements that make us up and more precisely in the fractal and holographic filling of electrons on the atomic orbitals.

And the wish to develop the Astro-Physics Shamanism.

En français : Le Remplissage Fractal Chaotique des Orbitales Atomiques.
In english: The Fractal Chaotic Filling of Atomic Orbitals.

The Garden of Arts

Ancrer la Paix, Carte de Visite
Version française

It is the meeting of two poets of the Life, a painter and a gardener, who after having spent their professional life to teach abroad and in the south, arrived in the Loir et Cher to share the Beauty, the Harmony, the Fraternity they have stored during their journey and the painting of Jeannette Dubouilh.

The Garden of Arts is a place where time freezes, the moment of sharing, of a conference, of an exhibition…. The pleasure to be here.

I passed long and good times. Many hours of discussion during which Jeannette Dubouilh taught me what CREATIVITY is.

I offer you a taste; A virtual tour through this booklet, write in 2011. In french only.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.


Center of Ki-Regeneration®

Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

We are sentient beings who create by our choices every moment of our life from the past towards a future that exists only in our imagination.

The center of Ki-Regeneration® for a regeneration of all dimensions of Self

I am aware that it is impossible for me to master all facets of our humanity. That’s why I want to gather in the same place, people who master and teach a specificity of our humanity -physical, energetic, emotional, self-image,…- in order to re-connect to all facets of his personality:

  • The physical aspect -what we show of ourselves in the world: how to clothe, to do one’s hair, to makeup…
  • The health -the inner well-being: to feed, to breathe…
  • The communication with the world -what do I want to do with my life: learning to know each other, to know our passions to cultivate them…
  • The collective consciousness -we are the children of the Earth: ecology, culture, information, the future…
  • The sensibility -the heart of our humanity: art, feeling, emotions…

Two favorites places

  • in Corsica because the regeneration is naturally present,
  • in the Loir et Cher because I have the adequate house.

By waiting, here are the people who accept to collaborate to bring it to life. Their professional activity allows to find again heath, good spirit, well-being, to life and not survive.


Florence FOUÉRÉ

For those and those for whom … Only to exist is not enough anymore,
Being a spectator of their life and the world is no longer possible,
For those and those for whom … Have the courage to be Themselves,
To better impact the world positively,


« I possess the ardor of fire ans the rigor of metal. I lost the notion of time and space when I accompany Women to get to know each other better in order to live coherently with their deep identity. »

  • The architecture of self, realization of Self & identity alignment [website].
  • ki-relooking®, the advice in picture otherwise [website].
  • Her book (in french): Femina Quest – La quête de soi au féminin : Devenez l’Héroïne de votre vie en 7 semaines (Femina – Quest – The self-quest in feminine: Become the Heroine of your life in 7 weeks) [for sale in amazon].


For those and those for whom are looking for « that’s not quite », the « how to do to go better ».

For those and those for whom are wondering about how they view life, how they eat, how they deal with emotional interactions with loved ones and other relationships.

For those and those for whom want to better themselves by contributing actively to their well-being.


« It is not the beauty of the setting in which we live that makes us happy
but the way we live in this setting. »

  • Naturopath – Energy and Spiritual Therapy [website].

« We reach our own unity when our acts, our words and our thoughts are aligned on the same wavelength ».


Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique
Version française

Each generation learns new things that it teaches to its descendants.

We are the Cosmic Universe entangled in the Universe

Here are the finalized documents (scientific articles, places that I highlight, books…) that I wrote:

  • To make known our multidimensional and emotional physical reality,
  • To awaken the Heart of Humanity,
  • To explain the creativity offered by life.

Scientific articles


  • 2011 – The Garden of Arts: The physical reality of a human world in peace is possible because the painting of Jeannette Dubouilh « Movement – Harmony – Light » represents a Human World in Peace.



Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

We have inside us the power to heal ourselves, a force that has been present since the night of Time.

The Art-Universe heals without words while dressing wounds

The placebo effect, the morphological modification ot the body of women who become aware of their pregnancy after a denial, the regeneration of the first phalanx in children,… it is self-regeneration that manifests itself naturally.

  • It does not require the intervention of our will, nor any learning, nor the absorption of substance,
  • It is involved in gene regulation -epigenetics.
  • It can act on all the cells of the body at the same time,
  • Its action is dependent on the mind, sensitivity and biology of each, but also stress, fatigue, fear, our emotions of the moment, the collective consciousness. This makes it not always operational.

André Malraux said: « Art is the shortest way from man to man », because art is the use of our non-palpable, extra-sensory, cosmic, quantum, divine,… dimension to create something in the material.

Not knowing its nature, we give it different names, but it is certain that this dimension is creative, it lives in us and it is able to change the physical realities to make us ill or heal us.

The more I understand the quantum functioning of the human being, the better I can bypass the regulators that block the natural expression of self-regeneration functions in order to free their expressions.


The Art of Letting – The Meditative Art to offer oneself serenity

  • 2021 – Meeting between David GARRETT and the Art-Universe to facilitate the meditative state of inner peace, the foundation of the self-regeneration process.
  • 2018 – I developed a gift of magnetism that I use to reveal the Imaginary Worlds with the potential for self-regeneration. I stop creations when the harmony of colors allows the energy of creativity to flow through our vital energy flow [Discover the Imaginary Worlds].

Who I am!

Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique
Version française

I am one part of Fraternal Humanity in becoming

I believe to the Peace on Earth. It’s rooted on deep inside me. I can do nothing against this idea, even if I come up against the reality of the world in which we live and the reality of life that animates me.

It is in our Humanity which reside Peace but…
What does it mean to live Humanly?


I passed the 10 last years to discover Life:

  • Like Martin Luther King, I have a Dream…

That all men feel free, equal, good by nature,
That they choose deliberately the country in which they wish to live,
To follow the way dictate by their heart,
To the Life Symphony.

  • We are all one peace of the puzzle of peace on earth, for…

« The advent of a world
in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief,
and freedom from fear and want »

The highest aspiration of the common people noted
in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • The best way to success, in 5 points…

Say Yes when I am agree,
Say No when I am not agree,
Ask questions when I don’t know,
Learn to think by myself,
Choose in conscience.

Long walk to freedom.


This is my career: