Describe the Physical Reality which animates us

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All physical reality is a double helix of two complementary states -energy & matter- regulated by “a non-palpable reality” -sensible- in the opposite way.

The project of research for a self-regenerative medicine

Here is the result of my researches to understand the conscious non-palpable sensible dimension which animates us from within, conveyed by thought, interacting with matter and energy, to naturally and sustainability regenerate life:

  • Let’s understand our multidimensionality and the place of the emotional,
  • Let’s master informations between dimensions: let’s drop “the Wall”,
  • Let’s analyze the artificial intelligence compare to the conscious intelligence,
  • Let’s explain why amputees feel their ghost member who may be … in a « non-palpable energy reality », waiting for visibility like the denial of pregnancy,
  • Let’s manage human biology as the duality between Physiology and Biochemistry regulated by Cognition.

The results of the research project

  • 2021 – The 3 flows of vital energy: There is a time lag, between our overall state of health -How we feel- and the individual state of health of our organs.
  • 2020 – What defines a Human Being: Determine what is specific to our human nature -Our Humanity- and differentiates us from animals.
  • 2019 – Sensibility as an expression of Duality: Analysis of a case of near death experiment and denial of pregnancy, to answer to the question « What defines a human being? ».

Science is the visible part of an iceberg called Life

In Science, discoveries do not lead to a finite space, but to the edge of a new path to discover. In this section, you will find incomplete articles. There are good ideas to develop that still require a lot of work.

  • 2018/2019 – The constituents of the hologram and our world: I wanted to show that the model is not only theoretical. I searched for the correspondence between the constituents of fractal and sensitive hologram and the physical reality of our world.
  • 2014 – The Relative Relativity: It is a 14-page booklet that I wrote when I tried to understand what Einstein’s Relativity was. It contains the article on the filling of electrons on atomic orbitals [read the article], the justification of the choice of the model and the explanation of the main principles that govern life.