The Universe Art

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Version française

The auto-regeneration capacity of Inner Meditation through colored hot wax creations validates the entanglement of Art and the Universe.

Hence the name Universe Art.

It appeals to the natural duality Energy Matter Conscious.

You may come across several denominations of the Universe Art, as it evolved as I got to know it:

  • When I created this art, I called it « Art Uni-Vers ».
    – Univers, as it validates our entanglement to the Universe,
    – A hyphen for the movement of Life, from the infinity of possibilities UNI (united) at one point, VERS (towards) an infinity of individuality.
  • Then I realized that the energy of creativity where I connect when I create, and the Ki/Chi/Qi that runs through our meridians, come from the same perpetual, inexhaustible, unalterable vital energy that is Source of Life and perpetuates it.
    – So I removed the hyphen and called it “Art Univers”.
  • When I translated my site into English, I asked myself the question of the inversion or not between Art and Universe. At first I didn’t, you will find English translations with Art Uni-Vers, Art Universe and Art-Universe.
    – Now I realize that it is creativity that comes from the Universe. Universe is a qualifier of Art giving the Art Univers in french, as there is Abstract Art, Contemporary Art…. So, for the translations I follow the grammar rules of the country and I write Universe Art in English.
  • For reasons of readability, I use or not the hyphen.
    – The Universe Art without hyphen, to talk about the Art whose creativity comes from the Universe.
    Universe-Art with a hyphen, to say that the creations were made following the creative process of Universe Art: Universe-Art creations.

You will always find the term auto- regeneration, or regenerative, or regenerating, or regenerator because these are natural and innate biological functions, there is no need to learn how to develop them.

They are not dependent on Self.

Our lifestyles can block their functioning, but they cannot disappear or not exist.

They are like DNA, an mandatory support of biology.

There are several fields of application of the Universe Art.

Creativity is universal.

It differentiates us from animals and can be applied in all areas of earthly life, to rise, to put Spirituality in our societies.

By following the link above, you will discover its history, its technique, and its different representations in order to harmonize your interior, regain Inner Peace, please your eyes, or a gift to offer.

For sale on the Artmajeur website -

  • Shiatsu-Magnetism as Ki-Regeneration® care: Use of manual pressure on the intersections of the flow of vital energy and magnetism, to clean up the flow of vital energy and activate the Capacities Energetic and Conscious ‘CEC’ of the body, so that they regenerate cells and allow the body to regain its natural and innate ability to auto-regenerate in order to stay balanced.

We can feel healthy, and yet have an organ that has a physical problem. We may have an organ that is not functioning properly without the problem coming from him. We can feel pain, without a physical cause at its origin.

By following the link above, you will discover the different cares developed to restore the autodidact conscience of the human body to auto-regenerate to stay balanced, because the body naturally knows how to eliminate damaged cells, pathogens, adapt to changing environments. or physiological, but sometimes the control programs get bogged down, let intruders through and require a re-initialization.

  • Ode to « the Source of Life »: Videos combining the Universe-Art creations of Ki’ChiQi with wax and music to facilitate the letting go of emotional blockages.

David Garrett and the Universe Art: The first attempt at this alliance.
David GARRETT captures the high vibrations of « The Source of Life » and thanks to his violin, he transcribes them into human sensitivity.

Sax’Isa on Vimeo – Musical videos combining my interpretations with Tenor Saxo Buffet Crampon 8102 with Selmer S90 170 mouthpiece and my creations of the Universe Art.
Duos Isabelle B. and Sir Sax, meeting of a tenor and a soprano.

  • An Initiatory Opera to Common Happiness: The Magic of Art allows Humanity to evolve thanks to artists who master their gift, and dare to venture beyond known limits, on Ariadne’s thread of creativity universal: the Masters.

In 1791, Mozart created the Magic Flute « Die Zauberflöte », an initiatory opera in 2 acts, to show the supernatural strength that can have, a person who follows the sacred path, a couple united by True Love.

I am working on an Opera Initiatory to Common Happiness, a sequel to Mozart’s Magic Flute to awaken the Heart of Fraternal Humanity.

Whatever the field and the application, the active principle will always be the auto-regenerative Inner Mediation.

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