The auto-regenerative Inner Meditation

Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

Contemplative breathing of the Universe-Art Creations promotes Inner Meditation.

Sit comfortably,
Stare at the Universe-Art creation

Take a deep breath of the Universe-Art Creation of Ki’Chi’Qi
Breathe out feeling the energy vibrate, come alive in your body

Breathe until calm rocks you;
the coccyx relaxes,
the shoulders open.

Continue to stare at the creation while breathing,
if it is a card turning it at its own pace;

This Inner Meditation is auto-regenerative, because it is initiated from the physical body thanks to the breath.

It releases the Capacities Energetic and Conscious ‘CEC’ of the body which will operate a rebalancing.

The Capacities Energetic and Conscious are natural and innate biological functions.

They allow the body to control its internal environment to adapt, and to regenerate cells to stay balanced.

They are the autodidact conscience of the body,

they use the vital energy flow to communicate and act.

  • The meridians carry the vital energy of Ki/Chi/Qi throughout the body,
  • The eyes, in traditional Chinese medicine, are the messengers of the energy of the five organs: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys,

they are both activated by the Contemplative breathing of the creations of the Universe Art of Ki’Chi’Qi.

With each cycle of contemplative breathing,
your breathing becomes deeper, calm and serene

You Regain Peace within You;

your mental’body relaxes,
your energetic’body takes control,
your physical’body is regenerating.

It will not go beyond your doubts, your fears, your will,
it respects your free will.

Here are the supports which promote the auto-regenerative Iner Meditation.

Here are the cares that revitalize the Capacities Energetic and Conscious of the body

Health is related to our flow of life energy.
It is invisible, difficult to control because influenced by many factors including energetic particles that intervene in the regulation of global balancing processes, and can disorient biochemical molecules in case of overload.

Cleansing the flow of vital energy with Shiatsu-Magnetism

  • It reduces fatigue, pain, diabetes,…
    because it eliminates excess of energetic particles responsible for the « imbalance-balanced » which unbalance the body.
  • It does not correct the physical problems of the organs,
    but it reveals those that exist and that are concealed by the pains and/or the side effects coming from the imbalances.

Click on this link to discover the care

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