David GARRETT and the Art-Universe

Ancrer la Paix, Art-Univers, Ki-Regeneration

Version française

The Art-Univers is the first step towards Ki-Regeneration® [this is the link to the article].

It’s an inner shower of well-being which can go until the healing, if no memory, emotion, fear block the process of self-regeneration.

  • The creations of the Art-Universe come from « The Source » of Life from where also springs the universal energy which feeds our body with vital energy.
  • This makes that the creations of the Art-Universe can set in motion our flow of vital energy which will then regenerate the body.

But it happens that our emotional -our lived- forms a barrier.

That’s why, I decided to put the Art-Universe on stage with music:

  • Music is pure emotion.
  • It touches the heart of our Being.

And David GARRETT captures the high vibrations of « La Source » of Life and thanks to his violin, transcribes them into human sensitivity.

I wanted to stage the Art-Universe
with music filled with human sensitivity
to increase his meditative state.

Facilitate inner Peace, Source of Health

« Unlimited Symphony » is taken from the album Explosive [David GARRETT’s Website].

The application for the rights to broadcast the music is ongoing.

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