David GARRETT and the Universe Art

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The Universe Art is the first step towards Ki-Regeneration® [this is the link to the article].

It’s an inner shower of well-being which can go until the healing, if no memory, emotion, fear block the process of self-regeneration.

  • The creations of Universe Art come from « The Source of Life » from where springs the universal energy which feeds our body with vital energy.
  • This makes that the creations of Universe Art can set in motion our flow of vital energy which will then regenerate the body.

But it happens that our emotional -our lived- forms a barrier.

That’s why, I tried to animate the Universe Art with music:

  • Music is pure emotion.
  • It touches the heart of our Being.

David GARRETT captures the high vibrations of « La Source of Life » and thanks to his violin, he transcribes them into human sensitivity.

Staging the Universe Art
with music filled with human sensitivity
to increase his meditative state.

To Find again the Inner Peace

« Unlimited Symphony » is taken from the album Explosive [David GARRETT’s Website].

Contemplation of the Creations of Universe Art promotes Inner Meditation [Creations presented on the Artmajeur website].

Music broadcasting rights have been requested.

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