The 3 Flows of vital energy

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It exists 3 vital energy flows whose energetic, physical and conscious nature is different.

  1. Flux-libre free-flow: Continuous perpetual and inexhaustible flow of energy that feeds the body, it constitutes the Magnetism of Ki
  • It is a flow of an energetic, nature, immaterial. It enters the body via the Organs of Magnetism of Ki.
  • It is in relation with the Breath of Life, the continuous and perpetual vital energy of the Universe.
  • It is related to the breathing which is Voluntary or Involuntary, which takes place whether we are awake or asleep.
  • No molecule can enter the flux-libre, but its flow rate can vary depending on the physical state of the Organs of Magnetism of Ki.
  1. Flux-simple simple-flow: Copy of the Plan Universal at the sudden moment of the Conception, it constitutes the BIB Universal
  • It is a flow of energetic and conscious nature, in the form of matter particles, the Evolution Messengers.
  • It travels through the body, like the meridians of acupuncture.
  • There is the universal vital energy and the Evolution Messengers from the 3 Process that allow the body to « stay balanced ».
  • It exists many flux-simple which navigates accross the body to perform biological functions.
  • It can become clogged if the 3 “Stay balanced” Process are not carried out or are not completed correctly.
  1. Flux-connect connect-flow: The lived ‘natural and un predicted’ since the Conception, it constitutes the BIB Individual
  • It is a flow of energetic and physical nature, in the form of matter particles, the biochemical molecules.
  • It travels through the body, like the meridians of acupuncture.
  • There is universal vital energy and biochemical molecules (hormones, growth factors, ions, toxins….) physiological actors.
  • It connects the organs that are involved in common functions and carries out the biochemical reactions that make the body function.
  • It exists many flux-connect directly related with biological systems.
  • It is at the origin of the state of health of the body because it is responsible of the fluidity of the 3 flows of vital energy:
    • To cure or to make sick the Organs of Magnetism of Ki which will decrease or make fluid the flux-libre.
    • To lead to an early stop, a bad referral, or an extension of the 3 “Stay balanced” Process, which will generate an accumulation or a lack of Evolution Messengers and will clog the flux-simple.
    • To accumulate, lack of chemical molecules, causing a malfunction of the Organs of the body.

Action of the flow of vital energy, on the state of health

Depending on which flow of vital energy is clogged, the state of health is expressed or not by a disease.

  • A low flow of flux-libre decreases the supply of regenerative vital energy. The cells are not or little renewed. Inadequate cells continue to function when they should be replaced, causing problems anywhere in the body, not just with the Organs of Magnetism of Ki. This occurs when one or more Organs of Magnetism of Ki has an energetic, physical or conscious dysfunction.
  • The energetic clogged of flux-simple disturbs the 3 « Remained balanced » Process. Imbalances will not be corrected and will become « normal », so that processes will loop, or not stop, or not start. The body will be continually trying to overcome the « imbalance-balance ». It will take a lot of biochemical activity, deplete reserves and wear out organs faster, without the organs having a physical problem. It is the regulation of the process that is disturbed. The body find not rest again. Pain signals can continue to be sent as the physical cause of that pain has disappeared, creating suffering due to mismatches in the 3 “Staying Balanced” Process.
  • The physical clogged of flux-connect causes a problem in one or more organs of the body. The dysfunctions of the organs are of an energetic, physical or conscious nature and will have different expressions. Since an organ can intervene in several biological systems, its dysfunction can cause problems in several biological systems. Thus certain organs will start to function badly, not because of a physical problem on their part but because they receive bad information; they then react correctly to the received signals, but the signals being incorrect, their response will cause a new visible dysfunction in the body. If we treat the second organ, we will not solve the health problem, since it comes from the previous organ.

We can feel healthy,
and yet have an organ that has a physical problem.

We may have an organ that is not functioning properly
without the problem coming from him.

We can feel pain, without a physical cause at its origin.

The origin of pain can be an Evolution Messenger,
a conscious and energetic particle of matter
which makes suffering.

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