Publication of books

Ancrer la Paix, Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration, Réalité Physique

It is not easy to learn news things. It is more difficult to diffuse what we have learned so that it can be integrated by others.

Since the beginning of time we have passed on information about life, from ancestors to young people, orally and in writing. Each generation learns new things that they teach his descendants.

On this page you will find the documents that I have finalized. There’s scientific articles, places that I highlight, books…

For the moment, there’s the publications which allows me to anchor the project. Subsequently, you will find the books written during my research and the books with the Art Uni-Vers.


Scientific articles

2014: The Relativity is Relative, article that I wrote when I tried to understand Einstein’s Relativity.


The general public diffusions


2011: The Garden of Arts, The physical reality of a human world in peace is possible because the painting of Jeannette Dubouilh « Movement – Harmony – Light » represents this World and Art History proves that there are always Artists whose paintings have announced the History of Men.



2018: The History of Fraternal Humanity in the course of my investigation of the search for our origins, I became aware that the world in which we live where reigns inequalities, violence, misery is not the result of our Humanity but the result of choices -individuals and collectives, present and past- made to learn by experiment -by the lived– « Who we are – Where we come from – Where we are going ». Change of scale offers another look:

Peace on Earth will be.
When the world freely will express
The Dignity « inherent to all members of the Human Family ».

You can diffuse freely the pdf file that it was written.



2018: What will the World be if we globalize Fraternity -to friendship, love, joy! Humanity, in life’s scale, it is a one year child for a human life. We know that he will walk, pee in the chamberpot, eat alone, work … but for the moment, he is totally dependent on his environment. It’s up to us to build a world in our image. You can diffuse freely the pdf file that it was written.


Life is perfect,
we are all one piece of puzzle of the peace on Earth.

Each is free to choose his piece. It is an individual choice. We can not choose for the others. Each choice has consequences.

I chose to learn the natural laws which doze in us:

  • Say Yes when I am agree,
  • Say No when I am not agree,
  • Ask questions when I don’t know,
  • Learn to think by myself,
  • Choose in conscience.

Long walk to freedom.

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