Describe the Physical Reality which animates us

Art-Univers, Réalité Physique
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All physical reality is a double helix of two complementary states -energy & matter- regulated by “a non-palpable reality” -sensible- in the opposite way.

The project of research for a self-regenerative medicine


The body knows how to heal itself, the placebo effect proves it. We must take a cosmic look -astrophysical- at the human being, and find the regulators that block the natural expression of the functions of self-regeneration.

  • Let’s understand our multidimensionality,
  • Let’s master informations between dimensions: let’s drop “the Wall”.
  • Let’s manage human biology as the duality between Physiology and Biochemistry regulated by Cognition.


 Let’s understand the cosmic non-palpable conscious dimension which animates us from within, conveyed by thought, interacting with matter and energy, to naturally and sustainability regenerate life.

This page is the proof that a fractal and sensible hologram can be used as a model to describe any physical reality. You will find results of my research on understanding the physical reality that animates us.



2014 – I tried to understand what Einstein’s Relativity was

I discovered that the relativity is relative,

Modelisation-RelativeRelativityThis 14-page booklet contains the article on the filling of electrons on atomic orbitals, the justification of the choice of the model and the explanation of the main principles that govern life.

I know this article is incomplete. There is still a lot of work and good ideas to develop. Just like relativity, it is only the visible part of an iceberg called Life.

Life is a wise equilibrium between

  • What we know: our knowledge which can be truth or false,
  • What we don’t know but exists in our dimension: we will discover it to evolve our knowledge,
  • What we can only imagine, because it is in an higher dimension: we will use creativity to make it a reality. Two steps are necessary for it: first, to bring energy into our dimension to allow then matter to anchored and become a physical reality. These two stages can be realized in space and time of a life, but sometimes can require several lives, several generations.



2018 – The following adventure with the writing of my research project

I wanted to show that a model is not only theoretical.

Follow this link to discover the link between the constituents of the hologram and our world.


In Science, discoveries do not lead to a finite space, but to the edge of a new path to discover.

Science is the visible part of an iceberg called Life.



2019 – In 1647, Baltasar Gracián wrote « But knowledge itself is rude, if it be without art »


In 1945, men implemented the scientific results of nuclear without art, the atomic bombs were born and tested in real-life.

This is why it seems essential to me to understand Art so that we never forgot it. Until now we have reserved Art for artists: painting, sculpture, music, cinema …, very varied and different fields that all have in common to express the sensitivity of artists.

I wrote this article to approach Sensibility as an expression of Duality.


The “Life” is a duality of three entangled elements:

  • The Space, place of all representations: volume of the Universe and all we ignore, motionless.
  • The Time that passes: energy flow, the movement.
  • The Vacuum, field between the two, whose nature is to be defined because I think it is not nothing, interactions of duality energy-matter conscious at the origin of all physical reality.

With time that passes, vacuum of space decrease because physical reality growing up.

Our body is growing from baby’s size to adult’s size in the Earth’s atmosphere and the Universe is growing in the Cosmos because The Universe is alive -the sensible dimension of the observed expansion.




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