Describe the Physical Reality which animates us

Art-Univers, Réalité Physique
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All physical reality is a double helix of two complementary states -energy & matter- regulated by “a non-palpable reality” -sensible- in the opposite way.

The project of research for a self-regenerative medicine

Here is the result of my researches to understand the conscious non-palpable sensible dimension which animates us from within, conveyed by thought, interacting with matter and energy, to naturally and sustainability regenerate life:

  • Let’s understand our multidimensionality and the place of the emotional,
  • Let’s master informations between dimensions: let’s drop “the Wall”,
  • Let’s analyze the artificial intelligence compare to the conscious intelligence,
  • Let’s explain why amputees feel their ghost member who may be … in a « non-palpable energy reality », waiting for visibility like the denial of pregnancy,
  • Let’s manage human biology as the duality between Physiology and Biochemistry regulated by Cognition.

The results of the research project

Science is the visible part of an iceberg called Life

In Science, discoveries do not lead to a finite space, but to the edge of a new path to discover. In this section, you will find incomplete articles. There are good ideas to develop that still require a lot of work.

  • 2018/2019 – The constituents of the hologram and our world: I wanted to show that the model is not only theoretical. I searched for the correspondence between the constituents of fractal and sensitive hologram and the physical reality of our world.
  • 2014 – The Relative Relativity: It is a 14-page booklet that I wrote when I tried to understand what Einstein’s Relativity was. It contains the article on the filling of electrons on atomic orbitals [read the article], the justification of the choice of the model and the explanation of the main principles that govern life.


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