Describe the Physical Reality which animates us

Réalité Physique

All physical reality is a duality between energy and matter


Here are some examples of concrete cases of experiences that will lead me to believe that we can regenerate the amputated limbs, make again raining in Africa:

  • In retirement homes, caregivers give placebos to people to sleep and that work.
  • Persons heal from cancer, AIDS,… thanks to the holistic therapies.
  • Children have seen their first phalanx regenerate alone after being amputated…
  • Our body is a barometer, when the weather changes, it feels it.

I think we can rebuild the houses destroyed by bombing or natural disaster, thanks to the existence of quantum physics equations that can work in both directions:

  • Take the example of a falling glass: we see the whole glass, it falls, it breaks and it’s the end of the glass.
  • The quantum physics equations tell us that this glass can be rebuild by reversing the speed of its molecules.

Today our conception of time prevents us from seeing reality -the restoration of glass- as possible, because we see things unfold in only one direction. But that does not mean it’s impossible.


In the last century, Nicolas Tesla showed existence of the free energy, free and unlimited. Like nuclear, this energy can be a weapon. It’s up to us to want to make it an energy at the service of humanity and nature.


When I looked at Einstein’s understanding of relativity, it bring me in deep space-time backgrounds, the realization that we are entangled with the Universe and that we know nothing about who we are really.

I realized that the Relativity is Relative because of the nature of Time.

What is the Time?

At the bottom of me, a little voice tells me: time does not exist, it is in its very nature that life is happening.


The project of research

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