Art-Univers, Réalité Physique
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We are often aware of the perfection of our body and nature when it stops.

All physical reality is a duality in consciousness between energy and matter

Like shamans, self-regenerative medicine uses the cosmic properties of our physical reality to heal, however, healing practices do not come from an oral transmission of ancestral practices, but from a scientific knowledge of cosmic human nature. That’s why I define this medicine as “Astro-Physics Shamanism”.

Applications are currently sources of inspiration, ideas, wish. They are at the energetic stage, therefore, I present them to you with the scientific approach to show their possible realization.


Three applications are at the origin of my research

  • Regenerate the amputated limbs of children who have jumped on anti-personnel bombs,
  • Make again raining in Africa,
  • Rebuild the houses destroyed by bombing or natural disasters.

News appear as progress is made

  • Learning to see colors through extra-sensorial abilities, could make the sight of the blind [see the approach].

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