The Art-Univers

Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
Version française

During my investigation, I encountered the technique of colored wax and its iron. Alchemist between sticks of colored wax and heat’s iron allows the emergence of

Imaginary Worlds which allied themselves with my quest for our origins
and the Art Uni-Vers is born

Immerse yourself in the hearth of a creation, that is to say contemplate it in every detail, put all your attention on it, examine every nook and cranny, dialogue with the life that animates the imaginary worlds; Feel the energy flow through your body, the well-being invade you, everything becomes possible; you enter a meditative state conducive to self-regeneration.

The Art Uni-Vers validates our entanglement to the Universe.

Add the request « Please, Regenerate-me », you are no more an eye which looks at a picture with a brain that analyses what he sees. These effect « trompe-l’œil » allows to your energetic body to bring the energy of « The Source » of Life –Space without word- from where comes the creation, to your physical body, thanks to the flow of energy -the Ki/Chi, emanating from this same Source, and flowing through our body via meridians.

Hence the name of this art : the Art Uni-Vers.

  • Univers: as it validates our entanglement to the Universe,
  • The hyphen for the movement of Life: from the infinity of possibilities UNI (united) at one point, VERS (towards) an infinity of individuality.

It’s an inner shower of well-being which can go until the healing, if no memory, emotion, fear block the process of self-regeneration.

The contemplation of a creation will always bring you the well-being.


The Art Uni-Vers speaks without word to dress wounds

This is the articles about the World of the Art Uni-Vers:


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