Art Uni-Vers, Carte de Visite, Ki-Regeneration
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We have inside us the power to heal ourselves, a force that has been present since the night of Time.

The Art-Universe heals without words while dressing wounds

The placebo effect, the morphological modification ot the body of women who become aware of their pregnancy after a denial, the regeneration of the first phalanx in children,… it is self-regeneration that manifests itself naturally.

  • It does not require the intervention of our will, nor any learning, nor the absorption of substance,
  • It is involved in gene regulation -epigenetics.
  • It can act on all the cells of the body at the same time,
  • Its action is dependent on the mind, sensitivity and biology of each, but also stress, fatigue, fear, our emotions of the moment, the collective consciousness. This makes it not always operational.

André Malraux said: « Art is the shortest way from man to man », because art is the use of our impalpable, extra-sensory, cosmic, quantum, divine,… dimension to create something in the material.

Not knowing its nature, we give it different names, but it is certain that this dimension is creative, it lives in us and it is able to change the physical realities to make us ill or heal us.

The more I understand the quantum functioning of the human being, the better I can bypass the regulators that block the natural expression of self-regeneration functions in order to free their expressions.


The Art of Letting – The Meditative Art to offer oneself serenity

  • 2021 – Meeting between David GARRETT and the Art-Universe to facilitate the meditative state of inner peace, the foundation of the self-regeneration process.
  • 2018 – I developed a gift of magnetism that I use to reveal the Imaginary Worlds with the potential for self-regeneration. I stop creations when the harmony of colors allows the energy of creativity to flow through our vital energy flow [Discover the Imaginary Worlds].

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