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We have inside us the power to heal ourselves, a force that has been present since the night of Time.

The Art Uni-Vers speaks without word to dress wounds


I think the placebo effect is self-regeneration that manifests itself naturally. It does not require the intervention of our will, nor learning, nor the absorption of substance.

  • Regeneration of the first phalanx in children shows that human body
    has the capacity to self-regenerate, like the tail of the lizards.
  • In the denial of pregnancy, the modification of the thought leads morphological modifications in order to restore the state of the body naturally expected.
  • The people who are amputees feel their ghost member who is perhaps … in a « non-palpable matter reality » as in the denial of pregnancy,
    waiting for visibility!

We could say that the placebo effect is « wild », because it does what it wants. Sometimes it heals, sometimes it is inert but never it amplifies the problem. Its activation or inhibition is dependent on the mind, sensitivity and biology of each, but also stress, fatigue, fear, our emotions of the moment. I think the placebo effect is involved in gene regulation -epigenetics.

This page contains the applications made during the development of the Ki-Regeneration®. To give to yourself an abundance of well-being.



Art Uni-Vers

The first step towards Ki-Regeneration®
by validating our entanglement to the Universe and our capacity to self-regeneration

ArtUnivers-CarteKiRegeneration 6

When you immerse entirely in a creation to get into the meditative state, the request:

« Please, Regenerate-me »

Fools the eye that sees in creation only an image to look at and the brain that seeks to understand what he sees.

Then, your energetic body takes over, brings the energy of « The Source » -Space without woe- from where comes the creation, to your physical body, thanks to the flow of energy -the Ki/Chi, emanating from this same Source, and flowing through the body via meridians.


Discover the World of the Art Uni-Vers:

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